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5inch gauge standard class 4 tank engine.
Original and unused bca jig borer vice.
3.5 inch gauge bogie.
Stuart hb6 boiler and gas tank. boxed unused.
5 inch gauge k5 loco.
5 inch gauge br class 2.
Five inch loco and driving trolley carrier..
Metal lathe.
3inch fowler a7 .
3inch scale living van.
Steam traction wagon 4 inch scale.
5 inch de winton .
3.5 viginia steam loco.
5 inch gauge b1 locomotive blacktail .
5 inch gauge speedy gwr 1500 class locomotive components.
Gauge 1 san cheng coach.
7.25 inch gwr bulldog.
3.5 inch and 5 inch gauge nameplates.
Gauge one new .
Pratt bernard 100mm 3 jaw chuck myford fit.
Stuart models live steam boiler feed pump.
5inch metre maid drawings.
4.5inch foden steam lorry c type.
7.25 0-6-0 hermes tank engine.
Great western railway ride in bus.
5inch gauge large prairie .
5inch b1 .
Transport trailer for 4inch traction engine.
Simplex 5inch.
Ride in gwr bus.
Stand for myford ml7.
2 in. Plastow compound showmans engine.
5 inch gauge class 2 tender engine.
7 1-4 wantage tramway jane-shannon 0-4-0 chassis and boiler materials.
Toolco lathe stand -.
Seven inch diameter flywheel casting unmachined.
Clarke 5 inch cross vise unmarked.
Part built 5 inch maid of kent .
Part built 5 inch maid of kent .
Gauge 1 marklin german pacific locomotive.
Polly prairie 2-6-2.
5 inch sweet pea with tender.
5inch gauge battery electric loco with parkside controller.
3.5i inch inch doris black five.
7.25 hunslet 3inch scale.
7.25inch adams t3.
Juliet loco wanted.
Gauge 1 g scale 0-4-0 loco.
4.5inch foden steam lorry.
Krick victoria steam boat.
5inch gauge 9f part rebuilt.
5inch gauge part built king.
5inch gauge britannia.
5inch gauge schools class 3cylinder loco..
Brand new 3 inc marshall traction engine.
Gwr king class 5 inch.
5 inch gauge ajax 0-4-0 with tender .
2 cylinder marine steam engine.
Fasco 12 volt p. M. Electric motor.
7.25inch gauge wagon.
Pair of very large battery or generator terminals black and red.
Pair large brass and glass oilers.
2.5 inch gauge loco wanted.
Danish telephone exchange line tester .
Accucraft tornado double chimney .
Set of springbok drawings.
Seven and a quater inch riding truck.
Seven and quater inch stafford electric shunting locomotive.
4 inch traction engine.
3 and half britannia drawings.
Dual gauge 3.5 inch and 5 inch railway track points.
3.5 inch gauge model railway track.
Maxitrack cheddar 5 inch gauge kerr stuart wren class 0 4 0st.
Dual gauge 3.5 inch and 5inch gauge model railway track.
Wanted allchin boiler or cylinder .
Allchin one and a half inch traction engine.
Fine grade cast iron bar.
7.25 best mate.
Gauge 1 horse box wagon kit.
Gauge 1 king class 4-6-0 kit - coal fired.
2inch burrell thetford town showmans engine.
7 1 4 gauge wagon body only.
Roundhouse sm32 fowler with tender and radio control.
Metre maid 0-6-0 part built including boiler.
Pansy 5inch part built boiler included.
7.25g electric autotruck.
2inch burrell thetford town showmans engine.
Stanier class 3 tank loco whistle.
Stanier 8f whistle hooter .
5inch gauge metre maid 0-6-0 .
5 inch 0-4-2 sweet pea.
Wanted 5 inch 0 6 0 shunter style battery engine.
Accucraft gauge 1 w l welshpool and llanfair no14 2-6-2t live steam locomotive.
3 and a half inch gauge heilan lassie in need of repair.
7.25 inch hercules loco..
5 inch gauge a3 locomotive .
Large live steam stationary steam engine needs finishing the basic components are there but other parts will need to made to finish it what is in the photos is what is up for auction..
Maid of kent.
Locomotive drawings.
5 inch gauge gwr tender.
Heavy duty 5 inch gauge bogies .
7.25 best mate.
Burrell 3 inch traction engine, .
Silverline gear hob boxed no.1 20dp for milling machine.
Radio controlled live steam boat.
Radio controlled live steam boat.
Steam traction engine project.
4 and a half inch burrell 1987.
Boiler for a three half inch gauge brittannia.
Pair of cast iron un machined cylinder blocks and covers 5 inch gauge.
0 - 200 psi pressure gauge.
Part built 5inch gauge rebuilt royal scot.
No.2 lever press by a ornstin.
12inch x 10inch engineers surface plate .
5inch gauge bogie set with brake.
Myford cabinet.
5inch gauge pannier tank pansy.
5inch speedy loco and driving truck.
Markie showmans engine gas fired, great condition .
Small wheel castings.
Paddington wheel castings.
Vertical boiler plans wanted.
7.25 inch gauge wren 0 4 0 .
5 inch gauge maxitrak ruby.
Class 20 locomotive 5 inch gauge.
Warco milling machine.
Black 5 doris lbsc 3.5inch.
3 and half inch gauge double bogie chassis.
Backmann o gauge class 08 shunter dcc and dc.
Druid locomotive and riding truck..
Edgar westbury rx roller 1.5inch scale.
5inch gauge britannia locomotive project..
Marshall 3,in traction engine .
Simplex 5 inch gauge 0-6-0 loco in good condition.
5 inch gauge exhibition duchess of sutherland.
5inch gauge royal scot machined castings and parts.
5inch gauge double bogie chassis.
5inch gauge single person riding car.
5inch gauge single person riding car.
Train lifting and moving trolley 5inch and 3.5inch gauge.
5inch gauge double bogie ride on passenger car.
3.5inchg betty.
Maxitrack cheddar 5 inch gauge kerr stuart wren class 0 4 0st.
Wanted 5inch gauge sweet pea..
3inch aveling and porter traction engine.
5 gauge polly ii tender locomotive.
Stuart models set of castings for beram engine.
7.25 br1a tender tank.
Maxitrax 1 inch fowler.
Lutz heilscher stanley steamer kit.
William 2-6-2 tank engine.
5inch new petrol locomotive.
Stuart turner steam group circa 1920s.
I have a moody 30 yacht in great condition dry and complete.
I have for sale a brand new boiler kit for a 5 inch gauge lswr 02 .
5 inch gauge k5 loco.
Markie showman steam traction engine, charles burrel thetford edition.
Roundhouse argyll radio controlled steam locomotive.
Steam krick borkum island supply vessel.
4 inch burrell with tow buggy.
Tool makers dream. Complete set.
3.5 inch gauge columbia.
5inch gauge speedy.
0-4-2 gwr 14xx in 5inch.
3.5inch gas fired tich.
1897 5nhp marshall britannia portable.
Wanted half size traction engine.
7qtr lms pacific no6233 duchess of sutherland.
Gauge 1 .
Maxitrak ruby and tender.
2inch scale traction engine.
5 inch sweet pea.
Tuxford double side rod engine with coal fired boilder.
5inch gauge titfield thunderbolt aka lion.
Feldbahn 0-4-0 - 7.25 inch gauge 0-4-0st.
Aristocraft coach lms .
3inch marshall traction engine.
Bridgeport milling machine.
5 inch driving trolley .
5 inch gauge battery class 14 part built kit for sale .
Agenoria seven and quarter locomotive.
Nigel gresley 2.8.0 builders manual in five inch gauge by martin evans.
8f euston in 3 .5 inchgauge drawings martin evans.
Black 5 in 5 inch gauge, set of drawings and builders manual.
Stanier hooter.
Stuart no.9.
5inch gauge b1.
Gwr purley grange.
5inch gauge simplex.
3inch maxitrak aveling and porter steam tractor .
Gwr cardiff castle drawings in 5 inch gauge.
3.5 inch gauge firefly locomotive.
Lbsc rainhill ashpan and grate..
5inch gauge 0-4-2 tank engine gwr 14xx.
Drivers truck.
Partbuild simplex .
Partbuild stuart major beam.
7qtr gauge petrol hydraulic loco.
6inch garrett 4cd.
Stuart twin victoria.
5inch gauge fowler tender.
5inch gauge maid of kent.
Polly iv .
1,5 inch scale burrell.
4.5 inch marshall traction engine .
7.25 port class hunslet.
2 inch scale fowler a7.
gauge one pair stanier 57 foot coaches .
Superb model
Henry by tubal cain.
5 inch rebuilt merchant navy.
Wanted .
5 inch gauge gwr king.
5inch gauge bogie ride on passenger coach.
5inch gauge railpup.
Ride on railways 5inch gauge skip.
Maxitrak points and pnp track.
5inch gauge ride on railways chassis with wooden body.
5 inch gauge wagon coupling hooks.
5 inch gauge wagon v and w iron sets.
Ride on railways sprung chassis with wooden body.
5inch ride on railway unsprung chassis with wooden body.
5inch gauge ride on railway chassis with wooden body.
Ride on railways trojan 5inch gauge.
Ride on railways hercules.
5 inch gwr castle class drawings .
5 inch gauge gresley atlantic, professional boiler.
5inch garden railway.
5 inch gauge lner a1.
Stuart no.4.
Maxitrak planet 5inch.
5 inch gauge r1.
5inch britannia 4-6-2 tender loco live steam winson kit.
4.5 inch plaistow burrell agricultural traction engine.
3.5 inch gauge evening star.
Marie e 5 inch gauge.
Five inch class 20 locomotive.
3 inch aveling and porter traction engine.
Maxitrak dixie wanted.
5 inch j11 pom pom.
5 inch gauge wagon coupling hooks.
5 inch gauge wagon brake v iron set.
5 inch gauge wagon dummy clasp brake set.
Painting and lining .
clayton steam lorry also part built model.
Stafford electric shunting locomotive.
Steam riding car truck 5 inch gauge.
O gauge tinplate coaches.
Wanted vertical steam boiler .
3.5 inch lbsc rainhill boiler.
5 inch gwr manor .
2 in or 3 in traction engine castings wanted .
5 inch gauge maxitrak 0-4-0 quarry hunslet alice.
2inch durham and north yorkshire.
Five inch gauge canterbury lamb.
Plastow 4.5 inch burrell traction engine - part built plus spares.
5 inch gauge railmotor loco and tender.
Wanted sweet pea.
Myford 4 inch 3 jaw pratt burnerd chuck and spare jaws .
Ten and a quarter inch battery electric loco.
Markie showmans engine in glass case superb condition.
Part built 5 inch lcdr europa. Class.
5 inch gauge cushion.
5 inch gauge part built jinty body.
5 inch gauge pnp track.
5 inch gauge 0-4-2 sweet pea live steam locomotive.
5 inch gauge sweet pea live steam locomotive.
Warco major milling machine.
Henry greenly royal scot.
5 inch gauge wagon dummy clasp brake set.
Battery electric loco..
Juliet 0-4-0.
Class 47 .110in long 16in wide 22in high .
5inch gauge princess of wales tender.
Br 08 5inch gauge loco.
Wanted any parts.
Royal scott 3.5 .
5 inch narrow gauge wagon.
Allchin 1.5inch royal chester showmans.
For sale 2inch scale traction engine trailer.
4inch scale traction engine trailer.
Stuart 504 boiler .
Wanted steam traction world 4inch engine.
6inchscale burrell traction engine.
5 inch lms tender suit 2p loco.
No 2 fly press.
5 inch gauge wagon axle boxes and outer covers.
Lbsc princess four cyl gauge 3 2.5 gauge.
5 inch gauge wagon dummy clasp brake set .
Class 14 5inch guage loco with battery bogey.
Mhb seekadett kit with anton crystal.
Gauge 3 mike pavie rebuilt royal scot 4-6-0 .
Gauge 3 mike pavie king class 4-6-0.
Wanted 2inch clayton steam wagon parts .
John hemmens marine engine and boiler.
5 inch gauge wagon axle boxes.
5 inch gauge wagon dummy leaf springs.
5 inch gauge black 5.
Lbsc maisie or something similar .
County calow .
7 different style oscillating steam engines with gas fired boiler and double acting boiler, feed pump with mini compressor to run the engines on air.
loco drawings.
Large fishing trawler.
Large, scratch built tug.
Britannia part made,air running chassis.
Tich by lbsc.
Bassett lowke factory made overtype with case.
7.25 gauge type 20 electric loco..
Locomotive drawings.
5 inch gauge y4 tank engine .
3 half inch gauge virgina washington locomotive .
Part built 5 inch gauge tender .
King tender drawings.
7.25 inch gauge driving truck.
7.25 boiler wagon.
7.25 inch gauge electric tram speeder.
3.5 inch gauge driving truck, or trolley.
5 inch gauge black 5 boiler.
5 inch gauge black 5 tender.
5 inch gauge black 5.
5inch gauge ground level driving truck.
5inch gauge simplex .
Lbsc heilen lassie.
5 inch torquay manor.
Maxwell hemmens showmans engine.
Stuart beam engine and stuart 501 boiler .
Roundhouse lady anne.
3inch burrell traction engine.
Hunslet 5 inch with driving bogie.
Ultra rare maxwell hemmens .
1.5 inch scale burrell compound traction engine.
Markie super showmans engine.
28 steam launch inchhopeinch.
4.5 inch burrell traction engine.
Here a plakn on frame steamboat based .
Alloy track wanted.
Marten howes baylis 2cyl steam plant.
Oxy-acetylene torch, hose and regulators.
3.5 g britannia castings.
Martin evans 5inch firefly drawings.
5 inch bagnall narrow gauge 040st.
3inch burrell traction engine model for sale.
5 inch gauage compass house dock shunter.
5inchmartin evans v1.
Alloy rail.
Myford ml10 lathe .
7 2.5 martin evans b1.
Stirling single 5 inch gauge part built loco.
Driving trolley.
5inch gauge polly iv 0-6-0 .
Maxitak planet 5inch.
3.5 inch gn atlantic lbsc maisie in .
5inch gauge four plank bogie driving trolley .
Myford rodney milling attachment.
Part built 5 inch twins sisters parts inc castings and drawings.
3.5 rob roy.
Gauge 1, aster class b shay, logging locomotive.
Ivatt class 2.
3inch burrell traction engine.
Patricia steam launch.
3 inch scale atkinson steam wagon, ray prime design.
4 inch freelance wagon and 4 wheeled trailer.
Bsf taps and dies.
Braimes oil can.
7.25 inch gauge b1 .
5 inch gauge b1 locomotive .
32mm gauge elr coal fired roundhouse billy conversion.
3.5 inch gauge heilan lassie br livery.
Molly. 0-6-0. 3 .5inch gauge.
2inch thetford town castings and boiler.
Gauge 3 b-17 footballer class by mike pavie.
Bever compound 3hp marine engine.
Wanted 4 inch scale fowler ploughing engine.
Myford ml7 for sale.
7,25 inch b1 roedeer project.
Stuart twin launch steam plant..
5inch gauge gwr 6100 class.
5inch guage container wagon.
5inch ng oversized petrol engine shunter.
Compound table.
1.5 inch markie fowler showmans.
Part built 3 inch scale marshall 7nhp traction engine by inchchristopher lordinch..
5inch gauge american loco.
Freelance tandem roller.
Magazines for sale.
3inch traction engine wanted.
52 gauge torquay manor to martin evans design..
Live steam lancashire mill engine.
Exhibition standard 5 inch gauge l.n.e.r b1.
Gauge 1 , 94xx br pannier loco.
5 inch gauge gwr tender.
Superb stuart major beam steam engine.
7.25inch gauge wren..
5inch gauge king castings..
0-4-2 gwr 14xx in 5inch - not chinese or winson.
Part built 0-4-0.
5 inch gauge 4 wheel open wagon for water carrier .
Romulus wheel castings.
5inchgauge 0-4-2 sweet pea.
5inch king frames.
4inch boiler to lsm design [simplicity] .
Stuart 6a compound, full set of castings and drawings.
Collection of 60 road steam books.
5 inch gauge butch 060t.
5inch class 37.
Superb stuart major beam steam engine.
Sweet pea 0-4-2.
7.25 gauge sweet william.
32mm gauge elr coal fired roundhouse billy conversion .
Gauge 1 , 94 xx aster based.
Henry by tubal cain.
3.5 inch black 5.
Gauge 1 narrow gauge set of coaches.
Gauge 1 set of coaches.
4 inch foster traction engine plans.
Fairburn tank .
3.5 juliet.
2 inch burrell traction engine and spares part built.
7.25 gwr 4-4-0 gooch design.
Two locomotives 060 .
Alice hunslet wanted.
5 inch gauge br standard class 2 .
Gauge 1 live steam locomotive wanted.
5inch gauge jinty.
Phoenix 7.25g comet electric loco.
York bolton steam plant live steam..
7.25 midge chassis.
5 inch gauge sapphire .
Gauge 1 elr-engineering coal fired roundhouse billy conversion.
5 inch gauge alice.
5 inch gauge y4 .
Cowells 90 lathe with lots of accessories.
5inch gauge gwr 6100 class.
5inch gauge gwr king class.
Gwr bulldog 4-4-0.
Lswr 4-4-2 tank locomotive.
4 12 foden wagon, john rex build.
foden swb.
Cotswold heritage vertical engine.
5 inch gauge ground level braked truck.
Gauge 1 robinson coal tank.
Carabou drawings.
Lms 060 project.
Wanted warco gh1322 lahte with its tooling.
5 inch torquay manor .
5 inch gauge ajax 0 4 0 for sale.
3.1.2 in
Water bowser for steam train.
5 inch gauge martin evans metro.
5inch gauge speedy.
Painting for 3.5 and 5inch gauge locomotives.
1 inch scale meg steam wagon.
Large 7.14 gauge romolus with tender.
Heilan lassie.
Half share in the spa princess, 4inch scale fowler r3 showmans road locomotive..
7.25 gauge edward thomas.
12 off driving wheels. 5inch dia .
5inch gauge twin bogie braked driving truck.
Rare aster a4 sir nigel gresley.
Wanted gwr 47xx.
Mikado gauge 1 live steam engine.
5inch gauge track panels.
5inch gauge lbsc pansy .
King bogie 5 inch gauge.
5 inch gauge warship diesel.
Gauge 1 finescle brass electric locomotive.
5inch gauge b 4-6-0 lner b1 show standard build.
Lancashire mill engine.
Beautiful stuart 5a reversing marine engine.
7.25inch gauge wren..
5inch gauge king castings..
5inch doug hewson standard class 4 tank loco.
New build 5 inch gauge speedy.
11xx 7.25 inch gauge.
Lbsc tich 3.5 gauge reversing chassis.
Vintage stuart 180 high speed engine.
Superb stuart no 9 mill engine.
Stuart triple expansion engine castings.
Ten mille br brake van.
Gauge 1 finescle brass electric locomotive.
Gauge 1 finescle brass electric locomotive.
Gauge 1 finescle brass electric locomotive.
Wanted 5inch gauge tender for sweet pea loco.
Conley v8 .
4 cast iron spoked wheels.
0-6-0 gauge one.
Aristocraft class66.
Aristocraft class66.
Marshall s type 3inch scale boiler wanted.
Part built 7.25 mj bagnal.
Mk1 5 inch guage ride on passenger coach..
Class 33 locomotive . 5 inch guage .
5inch riding truck .
5inch dixie or sapphire .
5inch gwr 15xx.
Model marine steam engine.
Steam engine.
Model engineer royal chester traction engine wheels and castings.
3.5 inch gauge black 5 .
5inch gauge perrier britannia.
7.25 gauge sweet william chassis parts castings and copper boiler kit.
1904 cagney steam engines.
Stuart turner twin launch engine.
7 .25 hunslet lilla good working order..
5 inch gauge ground level ride on wagon.
For sale b1.
Pair of simplex type cylinders complete with pistons.
5inch gauge 14xx newly completed.
5 inch stirling single.
2 cylinder model marine engine.
5inch class 17 clayton.
Likamobile steam car fitted with the later upgrades.
Wanted. Part built wallis and stevens simplicity roller.
7.25inch part built lswr adams radial tank.
Class 20.
A full set castings for an alchin traction engine.
5 inch gauge simplex .
Class 20 locomotive 5 inch gauge.
Burrell 4.5 inch scale traction engine.
5inch tank locomotive.
5 inch gauge maxitrak swallow 0-4-0 side tank.
4 6 2 tank.
Victorian twin cylinder horizontal engine.
O gauge class 37 loco heljan.
Gauge one l,n,w,r .t.
Warco branded clone of the emco fb2 vertical mill drill.
5inch gauge super simplex .
Sweet pea 0-4-2.
Live steam elke new price.
Duchess drawings and books 5inch gauge.
Durham and north yorkshire..
Allchin royal chester.
Minnie traction engine. Exhibition model..
Polly 3 .
3.5inch netta.
Boiler plates for dart.
2inch burrell traction engine.
7.25 inch gauge br standard class 5 castings .
Riverdale elke 45mm coal fired.
I inch minnie drawings or lc mason book.
2.5 inch flying scotsman parts.
Lner 5 inch k1 project.
5 inch maid of kent.
Wanted 5inch class 52.
Stuart james coombes.
Stuart no1.
5 ingh king part built for sale.
Pre war teaching engine for complete restoration.
7.25g riding car.
1 half inch burrel traction engine .
Burrell 4inch agricultural.
3.5 inch gauge freelance loco.
Gwr headboards.
Well advanced 5inch gauge torquay manor to martin evans design..
Roundhouse garratt.
2inch scale balance plough .
5 gauge gwr small prairie 2-6-2 locomotive .
5inch g lner b1 project.
Wanted 4inch foster part built, in need of repair, or parts.
3inch marshall swap.
0-4-0 hunslet battery powered loco in 5gauge.
5inch gauge compass house class 35 hymek.
7 1[4 inch dart.
5in class 20 locomotive.
Accucraft ng 16 garratt loco 32 or 45mm.
5inch gauge simplex .
Aster panier tank steam train.
Hot air engine.
Wanted 7 quarter gauge baldwin c19 2 8 0 loco.
Stuart turner star twin cylinder steam engine.
Practical scale 5inch gauge gwr penrhos grangesteam locomotive.
For sale lbsc betty locomotive.
Myford super 7b lathe with power cross feed .
Polly suzanne orenstein and kopell 060t loco.
7 14 adams radial tank.
7.25 inch gauge small sit in pullman.
Lbscr- mona -3.5 inch gauge - in steam.
Lbsc gwr 15xx speedy chassis .
7.25 britannia .
Locomotive trailer.
Royal navy ships crest.
4inch foster miniature traction engine.
Model opposed piston steam engine.
Burrell markie. 1inch.
Wanted a pair of 5 inch gauge rding trucks.
New three inch scale atkinson steam wagon.
5 inch gauge maxitrak swallow 0-4-0 side tank.
Wanted 5 inch gauge portable track .
7.25 gauge industrial shunter .
3inch shand mason horse drawn steam fire engine.
3 inch burrell .
Accucraft gauge 1 w l welshpool and llanfair no14 2-6-2t live steam locomotive .
Hobbymat lathe and mill.
Maxitrak r1 0-6-0 southern tank - 5inch.
5 inch gauge br class 4 tank, part built or parts.
Book - building the allchin traction engine.
Wanted sweet pea or similar.
Plastow boiler for 3inch burrell traction engine.
bridget and driving truck.
3.5 inch lbsc canterbury lamb.
5 inch 4000 gallon gwr tender.
3inch marshall .
5inch maid of kent.
5inch part built gwr king.
Marten, howes baylis triple cylinder steam engine.
Part built 7.25 inch gauge highlander.
5 inch gauge raised portable railway track and 3 riding carraiges.
3 electeric signal box leavers.
Rainhill designed by lbsc 1941.
Part built 3.5 rob roy.
Gwr signal post finial.
5inch clarkson a3 spearmint.
Home signal arm in nice .
Mr 4-4-0 compound no 1008.
3in burrell single cylinder g p traction engine.
2 inch fowler a7 traction engine .
1.5 inch scale allchin royal chester.
Allchin one and half inch scale model.
Gmc floor standing 12 speed drill press.
Iron casting.
Iron casting.
3.5inch gauge us forney 2-4-4t.
York bolton steam plant.
Shand mason fire engine .
4inch scale suffolk dredging tractor..
7.25 g diesel eletric.
1987 pinnacle p.d.m20 mill.
2inch scale clayton steam wagon.
5 inch gauge class 37.
5inch gauge engine driven cl 35 hymek loco.
3.5 gauge juliet plus all model engineer mags.
5inchg sweet pea.
Jenny lind 3.5inch gauge 2-2-2 loco with tender.
O gauge kit built britannia.
Seven and quater guage thomas 2 project.
Warco major drilling and milling machine.
Myford super 7b .
5inch g midland rly 4-4-0 compound for sale.
Gauge 1 tank loco.
Petrolea 4-4-0.
Almost complete 4inch roger marsh quarry hunslet.
Part built 7.25 battery electric steam outline.
Stuart double ten.
7 qtr gauge freelance swiss outline electric loco, riding car.
7.25 class 20 locomotive.
Five inch class 40 locomotive.
A early stage 7.25inch dart project. Most castings, full set of drawings and lots of other items all included..
5 inch speedy wanted.
Rack koppel locomotive .
3.5inch gauge lbsc princess marina and tender.
5inch gauge model works king arthur .
3inch atkinson wagon.
Flying scotsman.
Myford imperial colletts.
Myford dividing head.
7.25 class 37 locomotive.
1930s basset lowke 5ft model boat.
12ft 6in steam engine launch.
3.5 gauge flying scotsman and mallard drawings.
Polly 1 locomotive.
5 inch gauge lner bogie coach works van .
1inch minnie traction engine project.
Juliet 3.5 inch gauge drawings 1 to 6.
Fowler 2inch-3inch single cylinder traction engine drawings.
7.25 inch gauge gwr dean armstrong class 4 4 0 gooch.
Maxitrak burrell 1 to 10 just over 1inch scale british built early rare version.
3.5inch titch steam engine.
Trade for live steam locomotive.
2inch gauge - tender wheels, axle, axle boxes wanted.
Wanted 5inch gauge dolgoch or gwr loco.
Maxitrak 94xx 0-6-0 g.w.r pannier tank .
4inch garrett traction engine .
Polly one 5inch locomotive.
Wanted 5inch gauge britannia or a black five.
Holmside based locomotive.
5inch gauge greenley royal scot .
5 inch gauge 4-4-0 nbr glen locomotive for sale.
5 inch 21mm aluminium track and trolley.
Roundhouse darjeeling garratt.
Winson , modelworks jubilee.
Brand new5inch gauge 2-8-0 r.o.d. By . Don.
5inch gauge royal scot.
3.5 inch robroy .
Drawings for american loco.
3.5inch gauge 2-8-0 coal fired locomotive.
Martin evans 4-8-4 columbia 3.5inch gauge.
5inch - 3.5inch dual track curves 12 lengths.
2 inch durham and north yorkshire .
Bagnall 0_4_0.
5inch gauge polly iv.
4inch foster traction engine.
4inch garrett traction engine.
4inch scale burrell agricultural traction engine.
Live steam crane.
5inch gauge great western 2-8-0 freight loco.
4inch scale fowler bb1 ploughing engine.
4inch scale alfred dodman .
Wanted 5inch gauge b1 or a black 5 locomotive.
3inch scale foden lorry.
Speedy boiler.
5inch gauge american loco wanted.
Living van 4inch scale.
5inch ne guards van .
5 inch gauge coach.
Wanted a large shaper.
650mm lathe faceplate.
5 inch tender for gwr manor, full or part-built..
Durham and north yorkshire 3 inch scale traction engine.
Clarke shot blasting cabinet.
4inchburrell dcc showmans and road locomotive kits .
V4 model marine steam engine.
5 inch gauge driving truck.
5inch gwr toad brake van.
Halfords type trailer 77inchx39inch .
7.25 t2 tinkerbell.
Wanted class 66, 55, 52, 50, 47, 45, 40 or 37.
Wanted phoenix class 50 or 52.
Well advanced 5inch gauge torquay manor to martin evans design..
5inch guage points.
Cylinder set.
I.p. Jane wanted.
5 inch gauge 0-4-2 sweet pea for sale.
Wanted. i.p.jane.
A pair of 3.5 inch gauge bogies.
Heavy duty strapping machine.
Charlatan class 08.
Rare myford slotting attachment.
Wanted 5inch simplex loco plans full set.
Myford rear multi tool stop.
Stuart major beam top bearing assembly.
Main bearing assembly for stuart major beam.
Stuart major beam con rod umachined.
Stuart major beam machined flywheel.
Lbsc doris black five 4-6-0.
Five inch gauge flying scotsman.
Bagnall articulated loco..
7.25 inch gauge pump trolley .
Profi water cooled v 6 10 cc me engine with radiator.
V 12 air cooled aero engine as new.
Wanted i.p. Engineering jane .
6inch scale burrell dcc showmans engine drawings..
1.5inch alchin traction engine casting.
5inch vertical copper boiler.

Stuart number 9.
The story of the steam plough works by lane.
The development of the english traction engine by r h clark.
Traction engine design and construction by gilbery.
Boxford 8 inch shaping machine..
5inch jinty.
Very nice sanderson beam engine.
Full set castings for stuart beam engine.
Stuart d10 steam engine plant.
5 inch gauge tender.
5 inch gauge lner style 0-6-0t.
5inch gauge driving truck.
7.25 class 4 tank drawings.
Betty 3.5g loco.
Maxwell hemmens - merlin, road roller wanted.
Stuart triple expansion crakshaft blank.
5inchg 0-4-2 part built sweet pea with boiler.
Kennett tool cutter grinder.
Beautiful stuart james coombes engine.
Wanted 5 ins gauge simplex steam locomotive.
Romulus patterns.
5inch gauge polly iv 0-6-0.
5 inch gauge planet.

5 inch gauge sweet pea for sale.
3inch allchin royal chester loco.
3.5 gauge lms derby 4f..
Wanted class 52.
Puffing devil wanted.

5 inch locomotive based on gert by lbsc .

Cowells vertical slide.
Model works jubilee complete kit.
Tinkerbelle drawings.
Loco building stand..
2 bms accucraft wagons.
Accuracy ruby 3, ida. 45mm gauge.
Modelworks kit [gwr 14xx].
Adept no.1 shaper.
Live steam boiler feed pump.
Large model traction engine wagon for large 4 inch or small to medium 6 inch scale model..
Trax controls sound modules.
Stuart turner d10 castings.
Lmrs 4-6-0 royal scot 7.25 gge.
7.25 lynton and barnstaple baldwin lyn with certificated boiler..
7.25inch narrow gauge 0-6-0 koppel.
9 new and unused smee postcards.
5 inch gauge fury royal scot drawings.
Immaculate 5inch maid of kent .
3 inch savage universal carrier steam wagon.
5inch gauge abbot model engineering mk1 maroon coaches x2.
5inch gauge maid of kent .

3.5inch juliet part built.
Lbsc jenny lind 3.5 inch gauge locomotive.
Commander 260 062 7.25 gauge.
5inch gwr king 4-6-0 part built.

Vertical boiler.
5inch gauge abbot model engineering mk1 maroon coaches x2.

Super simplex 5 in. Gauge.
Vintage ornate water pump.
Drawings for 12 inch southworth pumjp.
5 inch narrow gauge steam locomotive saddle tank.
Burrell single crank compound 1.5inch scale.
Foster traction engine four inch 90 percent completed.
Five inch hst.
Front and rear wheel rims .
Five inch hst.
Double chimney.
Clayton undertype boiler wanted2inchscalethetford t parts.
Nigel gresley 2-8-0 freight.
Erde loco trailer.
5 inch gwr pannier tank engine .
5 inch gauge 0-4-0 shunting engine.
Nut splitter.
Gauge 1 items.
martin evans columbia 3.5inch loco and tender.
4inch foster parts.
Full set of 4inch foster drawings.
Full set of 4inch garett drawings.
5 inch gauge narrow gauge steam loco wanted.
7.25 gauge points.
4inch garett castings full set some machined also.
Boiler and parts.
Stuart turner double 10 with reversing gear and d10 feed pump, plus 5inch dia blackgates marine boiler.
North eastern railway 12t RESERVED UNDER OFFER
For sale parts for 2.5 inch gauge austere ada loco.
060 gauge one locomotive
7.25 winson britannia frame and tender frame..
Stuart 5a with reversing gear.
3inch burrell traction engine.
For sale myford ml7 with mk1 gearbox.
Exhibition quality ob triple expansion engine.

Stuart no. 4 .
4.5inch wallis and stevens simplicity steam roller .
Michael breeze 5 inch a3 drawings.

5 inch gauge point.
Driving truck - 5 inch gauge .
Driving truck 5 inch gauge.
Open pole dynamo.
Early model engineering coastal defence gun.
Stevens Model Dockyard compound steam plant.
Gauge 3.5inch green arrow v2.
Lner v2 3.5 inch gauge.
Tom senior machine vice.
Don young hunslet, 5inch gauge.
5inch gauge driving truck .
Profi water cooled v eight 4 cc model engine.
Exhibition quality adams radial 7.25 gauge steam locomotive.
4.5 foden boiler.
Sweetpea tender.
Stuart 10v .
Cowells 90 lathe wanted.
Update: 5" gauge braked driving truck .
Lner v2 3.5 inch gauge.
5 inch gauge track panels.
Working Printer Press for stationary steam engines.
Gauge 1 lms 2f loco.
5 inch coach.
0.4.0 chassis.
3 and a half inch gauge rob roy steam locomotive.
Unused new CE marked commercially built tig welded 3 and a half inch gauge rob roy copper boiler.
5 inch jubilee for sale.
Allchin showmans engine.
7.25g wagon parts.
3 inch scale burrell agricultural traction engine.
Part built 7.25 inch gauge freelance 2-8-4 tank locomotive.
Part built 7.25 inch gauge german ml 2-2 0-4-0.
Set of hercules frames and various castings for sale..
Part built 7.25 gauge hermes 0-6-0 tank engine for sale.
Lbsc pamela 3 5inch gauge .
3inch scale burrell drawings.
Gwr pannier tank pansy.
Quick change tool post and 6 holders for myford .
Rare early conley model v8 engine.
5inch winson jubilee .
7.25 gauge a4.
Allchin gently purpose traction engine. 3inch scale.
Maxitrak alice quarry hunslet.

5 inch king .
Well advanced 5inch gaugetorquay manor to martin evans design..
5 inch gauge gwr king.
1 pair of unmachined wheels.
Conley v 8 engine.

2 inch scale aveling a porter steam roller.
7.25inch gauge london underground stock
Bagnall articulated loco .
7.25inch gauge lms guards van for sale.
Castings and drawings 6 inch vertical steam pump .
2 and a quater inch scale allchin traction engine.
Drawings for triple expansion engine .
Drawings aid construction manual..
Drawings book of edward thomas 0-4-2 loco..
Drawings for a steam roller..
Drawings for 0-6-0 simplex.
Drawings for 0-4-0 hunslet.
Drawings for britannia.
5inch gauge ground level driving truck.
Drawings for mountaineer.
Tandem compound mill steam engine.
Unique Feldbahn 0-6-0 with tender.
14xx gauge 3 b.r lined green livery.
Aster live steam flying scotsman a3.
5inch american f7 loco.
5inch gauge riding trolley.
5 inch gauge sweet pea locomotive.

Modelworks britannia parts wanted.
5 inch gauge Quarry Hunslet locomotive.
Drawings for vertical marine engine.
7.25g great western toad brake van.
4inch showmans engine.
2 inch scale lancashire lad type boiler.
Bridget steam engine 7.25 gauge.
Driving trucks 5inch gauge.
Wanted 4 inch traction engine. (Burrell?)
Steam engine for demonstration.
5 inch gauge L N E R J4 0-6-0 tender loco.
Seven quarter class 47.
5 inch sir nigel gresley 2-8-0.
Aster japanese mogul.
Wanted 3.5 gauge lbsc juliet boiler.
Maxwell hemmens marine engine kit no.1.
Cowells lathe 4 Jaw Chuck wanted.
3.5 in gauge britannia . £600.
2.5inch gauge 3 coronation pacific.
1940 foden 4inch scale flat bed lorry petrol engine powered.
Seven and quarter gauge 040 union pacific locomotive.
Large single cylinder mill engine.
Class52 50 or 37.
5 inch gwr pannier tank, pansy.
Myford1495dividing attachment withsteady.
3.5 inch gauge maisie atlantic part built .
Lbsc pv baker 3.5inch plans.
Adams radial tank in 7 1-4 gauge .
5 inch gauge class 45 body.
5 inch gauge mk 1 coach.
5 inch gauge turnout.
3inch burrell and riding truck for sale.
2inch clayton undertype articulated .
5 inch gauge items for sale.
5inch gauge metre maid.
3 inch burrell showmans engine.
3.5in. Gauge live steam locomotive a2 pacific..
Wanted - phoenix teddy bear class 14.
Wanted - phoenix warship class 42.
Wanted - phoenix hoover class 50.
Information wanted.
Accucraft g scale i.o.m. 45 mm gauge..
Accucraft g scale 45mm gauge live steam iom loco.
Steam railway.
Aster fulgurex sncf 141r - live steam - gauge 1.
Tich 5 gauge.
7.25 gauge 9f superheater.
Lbsc 15xx speedy.
3inchtraction engine transport or camping trailer.
Wanted - Phoenix Western Class 52
Norman spink gwr king.
Norman foster dcc 4.5 road locomotive.
3 inch scale suffolk dredger engine.
Stuart triple expansion engine.
Wanting foden steam wagon .
Parts for 5 inch gauge tender.
Part built 5 inch gauge tender.
Part built lbsc

Gauge 3, 2.5 inch gauge, dmu radio control..
traction engine.
0.6.0. Saddle tank.
Greenly loco drawing.
4inch burrell. Madeline. With matching water cart and new ntet approved boiler certs.
3 inch burrell compound or large single to peter filby desgin. Biiger than the plastow design. Partbuilt with set of drawings.
Class 52 western diesel.
Stunning 3 inch aveling and porter road tractor.
Parts to make a display track 5 inch or 3.5 .
Brass dome.
5inch gauge britannia.
3 and a half inch atlantic .
Phoenix class 52 or 50 wanted .

5inch gauge duchess wanted.
O gauge 16mm roundhouse 0-4-0 meths fired.
3.5 gauge jeanie deans.
5inch 21mm aluminium track .
4inch scale engine swap for part built engine .
5 inch gauge maxitrak dixie 0-4-0.
7.25 gauge black 5 highlander.
7.25 gauge black 5 highlander.
Ride on railway 5inch gauge driving trucks.
4.5inch foden steam lorry.

6 inch tasker road loco .
2 inch diameter vacuum gauge.

4 inch burrell agricultural engine by john rex.
4 inch burrell agricultural by john rex.
O gauge flying scotsman.
Olympiade part made.
Kerr stuart wren with riding truck and trailer.
4inch foster traction engine .
Gauge 1 kaye 2-6-0 plans.
4inch foster traction engine.
4 inch burrell road locomotive.
Martin Evans Holmside 7.25 inch 0-6-0T part build.
5 inch gauge gbrf class 66 with sound, batteries and lights.
Wanted 5inch gauge display track.
Sisson verticle steam engines.
Knuth 2 axis digital read out for your miller or surface grinder..
For sale 5 inch super d chassis and boiler.
Accucraft gauge 1 live steam flying scotsman.
Aster live steam merchant navy class.
Part built 3.5inch a3.
7q inch 0 4 2t Bridget loco project. two off.
Sweet Pea 0-4-2T with tested boiler.
New 5inch gauge fine scale gwr coupling and hook..
Severn and a quarter and 5 inch portable track.
A4 part built 7 quarter inch gauge.
Part built 7.25 diesel hydraulic 0 4 2 .
5inch wagons - doug hewson br brake van and parcel van.
Super simplex 5inch gauge.
7 qtr gauge live steam 0 4 0 saddle tank .
3 inch steam roller - free style.
3inch savage little samson traction engine.
4inch burrel Road locomotive
5inch gauge 0-4-2 part made tank engine.
Maxitrak alice 0-4-0 quarry hunslet.
Foden c type timber tractor 4.5 inch scale.
2inch fowler a7 traction engine.
Marklin 16051 Limited Edition Steam Engine v.g.c..
4inch thornycroft artilary wheeled trailer.
10.25inch electric locomotive.
3 and a half inch gauge fowler 3f or jinty or lbsc molly live steam locomotive.
2inch clayton steam wagon.
7 quarter inch gauge beattie well tank gold medal winner.
" LOOK NEW PRICE" Cowell lathe and accessories.
Riding trucks, 7.25inch gauge, 2 available (4 have been sold), raised level.
Disc brake calipers.
Riding trucks, 7.25inch gauge, 3 available, raised level.
Wilesco D24 steam engine.
1 inch fowler bb1 coal fired. Maxitrak Accucraft
4 inch burrell ready to rally .
German narrow gauge loco. 5 inch gauge.
Ring of brake shoes approx. 2.25 inches bore.
2inch aveling and porter part built steam roller.
5inch gauge 0-4-0 locomotive with driving truck.
5inch gauge, complete garden railway. 5,8 inch pnp aluminium track with plastic sleepers.
12in. Southworth pump drawings.
1.5in. Allchin drawings.
Castings for a quorn cutter grinder..
Part build simplex 5 inch - new boiler.
Foden steam wagon boiler drawings.
Live steam stainer whistle.
4 inch burrell ready to rally .
Guy steam launch engine .
5inch ground level driving wagon - high detail.
Morgan look a like steam car.
5 inch ruby tender wanted.
5inch gauge b1.
Small model stationary steam engine.
Marine type two cylinder vertical engine.
Br manor 7819 unlined black early crest.
Bisley 30 drawer a4 filing unit.
3 and half inch gauge canterbury lamb to lbsc design.
2inch fowler a7.
5 inch pug steam loco.
Accucraft g scale I.O.M. Locomotives
7 14 inch inch driving trolley.
2inch minnie for sale. Part built.
1.5inch allchin boiler.
5inch gwr manor.
5 inch gauge ground level two seater bogie truck.
5 inch gauge ground level driving truck.
3.5 inch Bantam Cock 2-6-2 Locomotive..
3 half or 5 inch part built gwr king.
Wanted 3inch scale caradoc tractor boiler.
Large model traction engine wagon.
5 inch gauge ground level track.
7.25 inch gauge romulus 040 with trolley and boiler cert. REDUCED
5 inch gauge planet loco.
Myford ml7 good condition plus extras.
5 inch gauge maid of kent.
Markie showmans engine.
Wanted bolton triple expansion engine.
Accucraft mortimer wanted.
3.5inch black five.
Model engineer magazines 1940 to 2012.
Drawings for a foden 4inch tr timber wagon.
Aster g1 flying scotsman.
Myford ml4.
5 inch gauge b1.
Trailer for miniature traction engine.
Maxitrak v4 loco sound system.
Sweet pea boiler.
5 gauge class 66 electric diesel.
Unusual twin cylinder steam engine.
Nicely made stuart 5a.
Georgina overcrank engine.
3.5 inch guage bridget freelance.
Wanted steam car.
4inch foster new steel boiler.
2inch scale burrell gold medal traction engine.
7.25 inch gauge milner hunslet steam loco,4inch scale.
Stuart Turner James coombes
Draper horizontal vertical metal cutting band saw..
1inch minnie traction engine with ransomes thresher.
Maxitrak atkinson steam lorry.
5inch gauge stirling single.
Five inch gauge hunslet chassis.
Rob roy three and a half inch gauge.
Baldwin c19 7.25 gauge.
Clayton steam wagon wanted.
5inch sweet pea 0-4-2 for sale.
Emco unimat sl lathe with extras.
2 off 16 mm rolling stock 32 mm gauge guards van and open wagon.
Burrell 3 inch traction engine.
Drawings for 4inch scale burrell scc.
Full set of drawings for a burreel traction.
5inch riding trollys.
Part built princess marina.
Sweet pea 042 with tender .
5inch gauge class 08 wanted .
2 inch thetford town wanted.
Polly4 0 6 0 5inch gauge.
1inch minnie traction engine.
Viceroy free standing linisher.
Viceroy polisher.
Something special.
Reeves t20 wheel castings.
Aster lner flying scotsman.
Aster br38.
Aster sir nigel gresley.
Stuart steam boiler feed pump.
M Evans - Jubilee Stanier 2-6-4
2 inch ransomes tractor.
3 inch burrell.
Clarke htl500 500kg hydraulic lifting table.
Harrison horizontal milling machine 415v.
Axle pump for a sweet pea loco.
5 inch gauge sweet pea.
Caribou. 3 1/2" gauge
Early myford ml4.
Stuart turner s50 mill engine..
Stuart beam engine.
Hydrulic lifting table 7.25.
2 inch burrell steam roller.
Wanted 6inch burrell traction engine.
5inch gwr pansy loco .
Nelsein instrument cabinet with tools.
7.25inch gauge crampton locomotive .
Machined b1 ci cylinders.
Myford ml7 for sale, lots of spares Reduced
5inch gauge part built brtiannia.
Small traction engine part built.
5 inch gauge rear cab for pansy .

Part made boiler.
5 inch gauge pansy castings.
5 inch gauge isle of man beyer peacock2-4-0 tank.
Seven and a quarter inch track sections.
3.5 canadian pacific 0-8-0 plus tender.
5 inch gauge track.
Scaleway 5 or 7.25 gauge signal.
Gears for myford lathe in good condition.
Speedy 1500.

Display track , ballasted.
56 feet of portable elev. 5 inch track.
Box trailer for traction engine transport.
Scammer alert..
Rare basset lowke 1.5inch burrell 7hp traction engine .
Myford super 7 lathe.
Raised 5inch gauge passenger driving braked truck.
Speedy 0-6-0 tank loco.
5inchvale of ffestiniog for sale.
For sale 1 and a half inch alchin royal chester castings and completed wheels .
Amolco milling attachment .
5 inch gauge amd. Santa fe electric loco.
Gwr pannier 1369 . North devon railway.
Vera 0-6-0 tank engine 3.5inch gauge.
Part build simplex - new boiler.
For sale.
2inch gauge traction engine.
5 inch gauge sweet pea chassis.
Milling machine for sale.
5inch gauge gert.
5 inch gauge maxitrak ruby for sale.
7.25 gauge romulus.
Pansy gwr 0-6-0 tank loco.
Selling a loco kit of parts for a ride on loco.
Boiler test pump.
Aster gauge 1 live steam locomotives.
Clayton lorry 2inch.
2.5inch gauge wd austerity 2-8-0.
5 inch gauge ncb electric loco.
Climax 7.25 gauge railway locomotive .
5inch gauge simplex restoration.
Stuart 10h live steam engine.
3.5inch britannia boiler .
Seven and a quarter scale class 20 locomotive.
1.5in. Scale burrell compound traction engine.
2inch showmans engine.
Victorian twin compound marine engine .
47xx night owl gwr 5inch gauge.
Gauge one mehanite wheel castings.
2inch thetford town.
Gwr tender 5inch guage.
Vintage single cylinder horizontal steam pump.
Class 66 5inch gauge locomotive.
3inch allchin royal chester road loco.
3.5inch maisie.
WWII Stuart Turner Sirius Steam Generator and boiler .
German made vertical fire tube coal boiler new, never steamed at all..
5inch simplex loco.
2 inch scale fowler ploughing engine.
2inch scale ransomes and sims jefferies twin piston traction engine.
Sweet pea .
Doris locomotive.

Part built 5 inch gauge b1.
5 inch gauge b1 boiler .
Sweet pea 5inch gauge .
Compass house 7.25 inch class 31.
5 inch gauge
2 inch clayton steam wagon.
Wanted 3inch scale trailer.
5 inch gauge coach.
4inch foster tracton engine lsm.
1inch traction engine part built.
Drawings for 5 inch gauge britannia..
2inch durham and north yorkshire traction engine..
Derby 4f wanted.
Stanier class 4 tank 3.5 inch.
3 inch scale atkinson engine.
3 inch suffolk dredger engine.
Foden c type .
Myford ml 10 lathe and accessories.
3.5 inch gauge rob roy part built.
Riding trucks.
Gauge 1 project boiler.
Clayton 2 inch steam lorry articulated.
R8 taper boring head.
Hemingway kit for myford rear tool post.
V4 model marine steam engine.
Foster 3 inch scale.
Steam weir water pump.
7 quarter scratch built tram.
Prototype light weight 2 cylinder steam engine.
4 12inch burrell traction engine.
4in foster.
7.25 gauge locomotive project.
Limited edition table engine.
4 inch foster parts .
Gauge 1 model railway company mineral wagons.
1inch minnie traction engine unfired .
2inch minnie .
Bassett lowke 2.5 inch gauge flying scotsman.
2inch part built traction engine .
Boxhill castings in gunmetal for.
Boxhill boiler kit for.
5inch vertical tubal cain test boiler ce mark with test certificate.
Gauge 1 b1 locomotive boiler complete with test certificate.
1inch Minnie Traction Engine Exhibition Quality .
5 inch gauge b1.
Miniature v4 steam engine on plinth.
5 inch gauge britannia tender chassis complete.
Seven and a quarter inch gauge petrol driven shunter..
Three and a half inch gauge lms princess royal..
Three and a half inch gauge heilan lassie.
Myford vertical slide, imperial measure..
4 inch pratt four jaw chuck to fit myford lathe.
Panart kit built venice water bus.
2 inch clayton steam wagon.
One and half inch allchin tender.
Large very heavy circa 1900 mill engine.
3.5 inch juliet.
5inch gauge speedy casting offers considered
5 inch gauge driving trolley. REDUCED PRICE
Entire collection of steam engines for sale as one lot.
5inch britannia.
Vertical boiler feed pump.
5 inch gauge 042 sweet pea with tender.
Exhibition standard stuart s50 mill engine.
Stuart twin launch.
Accucraft 0-6-0 for 32mm or 45mm.
2-6-2 tender loco for 32mm or 45mm.
1inch minnie traction engine.
3.5 inch gauge william parts .
Ex leyland sme wooden passenger coaches.
Full size 4 aspect colour light signal head.
5inch ajax .
7.25 inch gauge track.
Minnie traction engine boiler 1inch scale.
Super polly 1 and lots of extras for sale.
Cotswold heritage mconie castings kit.
5inch lbscr terrier - part built.
Aristocraft 5inchgauge coach .
Wanted 3.5 lbsc doris tender parts .
Sweetpea tender 5inch gauge.
5 inch gauge driving truck. Twin bogies, aluminium framed.
3.5 inch gauge juliet.
7.25 inch sweet william and tender..
Garratt type articulated 0-4-0 0-4-0 3.5 inch g locomotive.
GWR Anthony Manor - 7801 dcc. O gauge .
Chester tools box and pan folder.
7.25 gauge model b shay 3 cylinder loco.
The whippet 10cc.
5inch coronation for sale.
Royal scot seven and a quarter gauge.
LBSC P.V..Baker .
Start turner steam plant.
7.25 inch gauge paddington.
5 inch simplex. Revised price
Dupar drum switch type a.
Horizontal mill steam engine.
Part built 1000 class locomotive by lbsc.
Part built 3.5 inch lbsc molly 060 tank loco.
Part built 5inch gauge etna to don youngs design..
5in gauge LBSC Speedy. BR[WR] 15xx pannier tank.
Foden swb.
Parts for lbsc tich - everything available.
3" scale 7.25 inch Hunslet and driving truck.
Wanted model of a usa s160 2-8-0.
Stuart no. 7a vertical stationary engine with reversing gear and cylinder drain cocks.
3 inch scale atkinson engine.
4inch clayton lorry.
4inch traction engine .
Sit astride maroon coach.
5inch gwr open wagon . needs tidying.
Locomobile steam car engine.
Stuart turner double 5a..
Stuart turner swan.
Boat boiler and engine.
Ajax 5 inch 040 with tender 95 percent done.
5inch gauge maxitrak ruston.
7.25 inch romulus with holt boiler .
Reeves t20 wheel castings.
7.25 inch gauge freelance 0 4 2 loco William Longstaff.
Maisie atlantic 3.5 inch gauge
Tallow cup oiler known as fat lady oiler.

3.5inch heilan lassie .
5 inch b1 springboc.
5 inch sir nigel gresley a4.
7.25 inch britannia.
Gwr saint 4.6.0..
Whitney twin cylinder high speed engine.
Part built britannia.
5inch ajax wanted.
3.5 inch gauge lms 4f.
5inch gauge.
2 inch clayton steam waggon.
3.5 inch gauge jinty model.
Burrell 4.5inch agricultural traction engine .
4inch foster traction engine.
4 inch scale burrell type wagon,trailer for sale.
The holy grail of gauge 1. find another new RTR
5 inch Simplex
5inch boxhill.
Boxford metric bud lathe.
Bassett-lowke burrell te castings and machined parts.
Model tug hull and superstructure 39inch.
Gauge 1 model railway co. Britannia..
Aster battle of britain class loco.
Rob roy part complete.
5 inch gauge track.
Set of four 5in gauge steel sprung buffer assemblies.
Air brake kit.
Castings and machined parts for bassett-lowke three-quarter-inch scale burrell traction engine.
Abwood machine vice.
Swiveling and tilting machine vice.
1 inch scale fowler bb1 ploughing engine with all accessories and fuel to enjoy.
SOLD. 3inch burrell traction engine..
16mm roundhouse russell 2-6-2 manual.
Castings for 5inch speedy 0-6-0 tank engine.
Aluminium rail.
Fenby corliss valve engine model.
Trevithick high pressure engine of 1804.
Stuart triple expansion with thrust block.
Lister ic engine nearly finished..
The snow, tandem, double acting ic engine..
Sweet pea 5inch.
4.5in plastow burrell traction engine.
6inch or larger full working drawings.
Heisler parts or part built.
7.25 bogies .
7.25 tinkerbell.
3 inch suffolk dredger engine.
4inch scale ruston proctor with driving trolley .
5inch gauge pansy .
Big dynamo as new.
hielan lassie three and a half inch gauge.
A fine pair of royal chester allchins
0-4-0 42 m.m. Chassis,cb, tender, boiler.
Silver soldered copper boiler.
Message from admin re. Activating your membership.
Sweetpea 5inch locomotive copper boiler.
1inch wide belt sander linisher .
3inch burrell.
Old gap bed lathe for sale.
Hielan lassie 2-6-2.
Sweetpea tender.
Drawings wanted.
3inch aveling and porter traction engine.
Marklin 16121 carousel limited edition.
7 quarter inch gauge l atlantic locomotive.
Wanted .
Seven and quarter gauge carriages.
2.5 inch old live steam loco.
7.25 inch gauge tinkerbell.
5 inch inch gauge class 35 hymek locomotive and driving truck.
7 14 gauge Britannia Iron Duke.
Horwich crab.
Roundhouse argyll 45mm radio controlled live steam locomotive with three coaches.
Wanted gauge 1 lord nelson..
4inch burrel scc crane engine.
4inch fowler road locomotive.
New roundhouse alco 32mm radio controlled live steam locomotive.
New roundhouse alco 32mm radio controlled live steam locomotive.
Stuart 10d.
Horizontal gas fired copper boiler brand new.
Stuart sirius.
5 inch gauge Nigel Gresley by Martin Evans.
7 1 4 gauge flat wagon.
Part built 5 inch gauge duchess.
Part built lbsc 5 inch speedy with boiler. Reduced
Involute gear cutters.
Apollo paint sprayer.
Two locks, truck, and well over 200 ft of good ally track.
3.5inch bantam cock.
5 inch and seven and a quarter garden railway.
Dave noble laser cut and steel etched wagon chassis.
4inch scale fowler fly wheel .
3inch scale working model of pre-1907 sentinel steam wagon.
3.5inch gauge gnr maisie.
5inch gauge class 31.
Sweet pea 5inch gauge.
Gauge 1 barrett kit built spirit fired city of truro for refurbishment.
Jessie 7.25 loco and driving truck.
Foster mechanical lubricator 6inch scale.
7.25 inch gauge hunslet battery electric shunter.
Six cast iron horns to suit 7.25 inch gauge engine.
4inch foster drawings. Lsm.
4inch scale little samson traction engine .
Aster live steam locomotives, gauge 1.
Rob roy.
Horizontal stationary engine.
Live steam locomotive.
Twin axle covered trailer with track.
5 inch gauge battery loco.
2inch durham and north yorkshire traction engine.
Four scale five inch gauge loco wagons.
Two inch scale ruston proctor road engine.
Six five inch gauge oversize wagons.
Custom built 3 and 3 quarter inch sandy river and rangeley lakes in maine.
Quorn tool cutter grinder.
4.5inch burrell agricultural traction engine.
Gauge 1 live steam br standard class 7 .
Wanted 7.25 gauge baldwin c19 2-8-0 milner drawings.
Halton tank drawings.
2 curwen stationary portable engine .
3.5 inch gauge tender for sale. Hawksworth type..
4inch burrell scc showmans te .
Two 7.25 gauge coaches.
Myford ml 7 imperial lathe serial no. 93462. 240v 0.5 hp..
4inch foster.
Burrell 6nhp agricultural 4.5inch scale.
5inch gauge britannia.
4inch mclaren.
Plastows fowler 2inch traction engine.
3.5 inch rodean schools class part built.
Balance plough.
5 inch gauge lbscr terrier - martin evans boxhill.
Bench pillar drill.
Aptc 460 metalwork lathe for sale.
5inch gauge hymek.
5inch class 37 locomotive. Red stripe,.
Stuart double 10v.
5inch gauge lner p4 parts.
Exhibition quality Adams radial seven and quarter.
Hielan lassie.
Wanted model works valve timing information.
Boiler and castings 7.25inch hercules.
7 1 4 coachs. Ride in coachs.
6 inch clayton artic.
Part built 5inch gauge 7f.
Part built 3.5inch gauge rob roy.
Gauge 1 gwr live steam hall 10mm.
Compass house class 31. 7.25 inch gauge with four motors. Br blue..
Wheels and blanks.
Six driving wheel castings.
3inch allchin traction engine.
2.5inch foden steam lorry, pride of penrhyn.
Cotswold heritage mconie castings kit.
Item No longer Available
5inch gauge br class 2 parts.
4inch foster traction engine.
2inch durham and north yorkshire almost finished.
Don young 3.5 inch gauge lms 2p drawings.
5inch guage driving trolley.
7 and quarter inch br brake van.
5 inch b1 for sale.
4 inch ruston sd tractor castings .
4 inch foster with ride on trailer.
3inch burrell traction engine parts wanted.
4inch Little Samson.
Allchin parts. REDUCED
Sweet pea locomotive.
Wanted 5 inch gauge Aristocraft coaches and other different scale wagons.
3.5 inch stainer jubilee tank engine .
5ins C73 "The Royal Alex".
M h z water cooled 60 cc rc powerboat engine.
Stuart 10v kit.
7.25 gauge locomotion..
Sweetpea tender.
Traction engine.

Myford lathe and lots of tooling..
Seven and a quarter class 20 locomotive.
5 inch gauge Achiles 0-6-0 tank engine.
Scratch built LMS locomotive and tender 3.5 inch gauge.
Roundhouse taliesin 32mm live steam loco.
5 inch gauge hunslet drawings .
7.25 electric shunter.

Part built 5inch gauge king to spink perrier design.
Stuart beam engine. .
Stuart triple expansion marine engine.
Large 5inch gauge petrol locomotive.
2inch durham and north yorkshire almost complete.
3.5 gauge flying scotsman chassis.
5 inch gauge b1 finished as lner 1306 mayflower.
Copper boiler
Southern maid 2.5inch model part made.
5inch gauge class 37 in BR blue large logo.
Part built 5inch gauge i3.
Wanted , modelwork winson tiger tank , .
3 inch scale burrell traction engine.
Ally rail.
5 inch gauge ride on railways jasper electric loco.
Aster gauge 1 Flying Scotsman.
Allchin 1.5 inch royal chester parts .
2inch scale fowler road loco.
5 inch gauge gwr 14xx.
2inch clayton shuttle worth.
A 5 inch Gauge Simplex, Finished in LMS Colours.
Don young 5inch gauge lanky tank cylinder castings.
7.25 inch kit built stafford 2013.
4qd speed controller and handset.
6 wheel coach and seperate body 5 inch.
Polly iv 5 inch loco for sale.
Myford super 7 lathe with dewhurst reversing lever.
5 inch metre maid. Fully restored.
10 quarter narrow gauge 0 4 2 tank loco parts.
5inch gauge 0-6-0.
1inch burrell showmans traction engine original british maxitrak engine.
Gauge 1 lay-out 5 engines plus accessories. More images available on request.
3.5inch gauge sweet violet.
Southern railway river class loco.5inch gauge.
4in riding trolley.
Steam launch bat.
Mona 0-6-2 tank part built for sale,photos on request.
Ruston and proctor sd1 .
Stunning vertical coal or gas fired test boiler ce complete with test cert.
Gauge 1 titfield thunderbolt train.
Aveling porter e type road roller. 10 TON
Tinkerbell 7.25
Parts for 1inch scale minnie traction engine .
Romulous 060 71.4 hybrid for sale.
Large triple expansion engine for sale .
Cylinder castings, in cast iron.
wanted wheel castings.
Lbsc pansy parts wanted.
Portable track - various gauges.
5inch simplex.
5inch inch gauge electric loco class 33.
Maid of kent.
1in maxitrak burrell traction engine.
Garratt K1 0-4-0 0-4-0 3.5 inch g locomotive.
Chassis for maisie loco.
7inch narrow gauge petrol locomotive.
Exhibition standard lancashire mill engine .
Tinkerbell loco sara 7q gauge.
Colchester chipmaster lathe.
Wanted accucraft locomotive.
Wanted peco sm32 track.
5 inch gauge Britannia.
Rob roy chassis 3.5 gauge for sale.
Sm32 accucraft lawley coal-fired conversion by djb 16mm scale .
Aster BR A4 Sir Nigel Gresley gauge 1 60007
Tinkerbell castings.
3 and a half inch gauge kerr stuart 0 4 2 tamar narrow gauge locomotive.
Stuart models james coombs engine..
4 inch burrell scale wagon .
Union pacific big boy boiler and wheel .
Hachette partwrks bismarck unmade.
Dismantled 5 inch gauge saddle tank.
Duplex weir donkey pump drawings required.
3inch dcc compound fowler crane engine.
5 inch gauge battery electric loco.
Nigel greasley 01.
5 inch gauge simplex 0 6 0 tank loco for sale.
Modelworks one eighth scale all metal tank.
Five inch bexhill class 58 loco.
Two jeavons class 37 cabs.
Class 47 seven and a quarter.
Class 20 locomotive seven and a quarter scale.
5 inch gauge pansy part built or complete.
Ror hercules engine and riding trucks..
5 inch gauge b1 wanted.
5inch gauge gwr 14xx 0-4-2 tank engine.
Bismarck project for swap.
2inch scale durham north yorkshire traction engine with trailer.
Six column beam engine .
5 inch portable track.
5 inch braked driving truck.
5inch gauge union pacific.
Conway loco three and half inch gauge, castings and boiler kit.

Gwr prairie 5inch gauge project.
3 inch burrell and trailer .

Part built 5inch gauge torquay manor.
7.25 gauge maxitrak 4 wheel drivers truck.
Triple gauge point .
6inch traction engine.
2 inch clayton wagon part built.
5 inch invicta part built.
Fowler showmans 3inch compound.
O.b. Bolton triple expansion engine.
Stuart cygnet.
Stuart swan.
Wanted project traction engine .
2 inch clayton beautiful model.
Gauge 1 coal fired pacific.
7.25 gauge wagon chassis .
Gauge 1 aster king arthur..
Clarke hd plus black and gold series 7 drawer tool cabinet .
3 inch Burrell and Trailer .
Winson 9f.
3.5 gauge wanted.
Triple gauge point.
Tom smith built 7.25 inch rail car.
Maxwell hemmens 1inch traction engine road loco.
Polly 4 for sale.
Thompson B1 Springbok.
Chester db7vs lathe .
Dual gauge portable raised track.
Vbl coal fired loco 3.5 inch gauge.
Maxitrak planet.
Part built 5 inch gauge standard class 2.
7.25 inch gauge 4 4 0 american loco.
2-5inch gauge american loco.
5inch gauge a3 part built tender.
Savage parts.
5 inch pug.
Wanted beam engine.
Jha vertical 25 inch tall.
5inch class 50 .
5ins class 73 ins "Royal Alex" with driving truck it will pull an 8ft truck and guards truck.
Large copper boiler with wood cladding.
1970s adcolantic 30cc pull start engine.
5inch polly 3 .
7 1/4 and a quarter driving truck.
7 and a quarter live steam romulus castings, frames and flanged boiler plates.
Live steam 440 nyc and hr 7and a quarter american tender locomotive.
Roundhouse taliesin - gauge 1.
4 inch foster traction engine.
5 inch royal scot.
Steam injector.
Ride on coaches for 5inch gauge.
5inch gauge track.
Quo vadis plans and drawings for sale.
Part built 3.5inch gauge jinty inchmollyinch.

5 inch gauge charlatan 08 shunter parts wanted.
5inch gauge polly locomotive.
Metre maid 5 inch.
5 inch rake of various wagons consisists of 6 chassis and 8 bodies.
5 inch Polly 1 locomotive with extras REDUCED
3 inch allchin.
3 inch scale burrell .
Foden stg5 . timber tractor by a j reeves
5 inch gauge driving wheel .
5 inch gauge wheel castings. Machined.
5 inch gauge wheel castings.
Stuart james coombes steam engine.
A 5 inch gauge sweet pea or tank loco.
Part built britannias.
5 inch gauge0-4-0 german tank loco.
Large 7 and a quarter inch gauge live steam loco.
1.5 in. Allchin Live Steam traction engine for auction.
Maxitrak 4ft bogie wagon with padded seat
Ffestiniog double fairlie radio controlled..
Ffestiniog double fairlie..
Britainna 3.5 inch..
7.25 gauge brakevan body.
7 .25 gauge wagon chassis .
New 7 1,4inch gauge Maxitrak Pearl.
Class 20 loco seven and a quarter scale.
2 inch clayton and shuttleworth undertype live steam lorry and spare come second chassis.
10 14 gauge free lance 0.4.0 narrow gauge engine.
Stuart turner simec magazines.
Burgess powerline electric engraver.
5inch gauge maid of kent 4-4-0.
Wanted. 5inch gauge working and complete br standard 4 tank or a gwr prairie tank .
Mercer type 2 traction engine and living van.
Speedy boiler.
Allchin traction engine 1.5inch scale royal chester machine.
9inch scale sentalike steam lorry.
Marie estelle 0-4-0.
Wanted roundhouse locomotive.
Wanted accucraft locomotive.

7.25 jessie - ken swan design - part built.
Phoenix class 50 - 5 inch gauge.
5inch gauge class 45 diesel and coach.
Polly iv 0-6-0 tender locomotive.
Bo bo electric locomotive..
7.25 gauge brakevan.
Fowler ploughing engine 2 inch scale and riding truck..
Twin axle box trailer.
Edgar westbury lms 1831 3 5 inch locomotive and wallaby 30cc petrol engine.
Stuart turner beam engine and boiler.
5inch guage scratch built class 40 d345.
5 inch terrier tank.
Firing shovel.
Part built 3 inch atkinson steam wagon.
3 aristocraft 7.25 coaches.
Kerr stuart tattoo class locomotive.
Pride of penrhyn foden steam wagon.
3.5 inch gauge rob roy.
Simplex 5 inch gauge 0-6-0 and riding truck.
Simplicity 2.
Double ten with boiler and gear box.
5inch gauge maxitrak pearl locomotive.
Rare p v baker 3.5 g 0 6 0 steam locomotive..
Os sirius fr5-300.
Rare p v baker 3.5 g 0 6 0 steam locomotive.
5 inch gauge 0-4-0 german tank loco.
Small locomotive construction.
Rainhill a three and half inch guage.
Introducing bat and owl.
How to make a great western saddle tank engine.
Alpha marine engine.
Lathe, emco maximat v10-p with milling attachment..
Complete rob roy wanted.
now bought
5inch american emd e8 locomotive finished in silver.
Mamod railway track..
wanted meths fired lady anne
Southern maid.
Nu-tool bench lathe.
5 inch gauge german tank loco.
4 inch burrell traction engine agricultural.
Mamod steam railway set wanted.
Myford ml7 tailstock capstan.
Pdr 5inch gauge 7 plank wagon kit.
Gwr 5 inch mk11 coach brake third .
Maid of kent. boiler
Twin horizontal tangye type steam mill engine.
Boxford lathe.

Sweet pea metre maid.
Wanted roundhouse bertie or katie.
Stuart horizontal victoria mill engine.
2inch ruston proctor .
Gwr 5 inch class 51 prairie tank.
Accucraft 16mm edrig 0-4-0t in gwr green.
Netta [5inch gauge] by lbsc..
5inch gauge class 2 locomotive .
Sealion 30 marine engine wanted.
3 inch aveling porter lorry.
5inch gauge gwr 0-6-0t pansy locomotive.
Starrett thread gauge.
Vintage thread gauge - whitworth.
Conley original v8 twin carb engine.
Collection of model outboard engines.
3.5inch rob roy .
Rare fuji model outboard glow engine in box new.
Compass house class 31. 7.25 gauge 4 motors.
3.5 inch gauge juliet saddle tank.
2inch minnie traction engine.
Aster lner a3 flying scotsman.
Live steam plant gas fired silver soldered copper boiler and horizontal engine.
5inch gauge battery locomotive wanted.
Blackgates drawings for a .
5in gauge simplex locomotive.
V4 model marine steam engine.
Kingdon boiler new model working.
1.5 inch alchin traction engine.
Stuart 9 with boiler .
Sweet pea 5inch gauge drawings.
Five inch gauge butch.
Two inch durham and north yorkshire engine.
Complete unstarted barrett engineering g1 kit.
Burrel live steam showmans traction engine 3 inch scale.
7.25inch gauge midlander patterns for sale.
Wanted 5inch gauge simplex chassis.
Our club is selling our portable track. this includes.
Lbsc 3.5 inch gauge maisie.
5inch gauge pansy .
Hms fly victory models kit as new.
5inch gauge b17 and b2 .
Early model dynamo.
Marklin motor.
5inch - electric - diesel .
Maxitrak 5inch guage - ruby.
Raglan milling machine.
Brass oil level gauges .
Aster locomotive kit..
Stafford, truck and trailer.
Tender for Sweetpea loco
5 inch gauge class 4 .
5inch gauge track.
7.25 gauge weedkiller wagon..
5 inch gauge battery electric class 37.
7.25 gauge wagon.
Stuart turner beam engine.
3.5inch gauge brighton atlantic loco.
Parts for derby 2p .
3.5 gauge titch part built.
3.5inch gauge standard class 4.
5inch gauge lbsc minx locomotive .
Ken swan wren drawings.
3.5 inch class a1 or brit coal fired, will consider others.
Britannia 5inch gauge castings and boiler.
Stuart models s50, early version.
Gauge 1 ger j17 0-6-0 loco by freddie wrighton.
2 inch burrell showmans thetford town part-built.
5 inch gauge box hill well advanced part built.
3 inch aveling porter lorry maxitrak.
5inch gauge battery loco .
Hielan lassie lbsc design .
5inch gauge speedy 0-6-0 for sale. Last steamed 7th February
Oo gauge exhibition layout .
Part built plastow 3inch burrell wanted.
3inch atkinson steam wagon.
7.25 inch gauge battery electric hst.
For sale unused clayton 2 inch lorry.
Beaver vbrp mill similiar to bridgeport extra large table 56x10.
7.25 gauge brakevan.
Display case with 5 inch gauge showtrack.
5 inch gauge gwr collett 4000gal tender.
Roundhouse taliesin wanted, 32mm gauge, anything considered..
Parts for 3.5 inch juliet.
For sale. .
5inch gauge battery loco .
5 inch gauge v2 or flying scotsman boiler.
5 inch gauge driving trolley double bogie ground level.
3.5inch stanier black 5 .
Rob roy 3.5inch.
Rare priestman bros, hull, crane grab salesmens sample.
Roundhouse 16mm. Charles for sale..
One and a half inch allchin.
Three and a half inch royal scott.
5 inch gauge rob roy.
Stuart no. 4 with reversing gear superb.
2" scale fowler A7.
New and not used ratchet driven lubricator.
2 brass safety valves.
Selection of brass fittings, union nuts and washers.
5inch gauge 0 4 0 dougal .
5 inch rolling stock and various bogies.
7.25 scale y6 tram body kit.
Princess marina lms stanier mogul 3.5 inch gauge steam locomotive [lbsc model, built circa 1950] .
Stuart models d10 steam engine reversing gear castings and drawings 34 50 71210.
Casting patterns for seven quarter adams tank loco.
1366 docktank drawings.
6 inch foden lorry part built.
Pacific britannia 3.5 gauge..
5 inch gauge slaters wagon wheelsets.
1inch burrell traction engine original british maxitrak engine .
4inch scale little samson
Wanted plans for 3 inch scale ellider hunslet.
Tender for sweetpea loco.
Guage 1 green arrow boiler..
7.25inch petrol hydraulic loco and riding truck for sale..
Heilan lassie boiler.
5 inch gauge mechanical lubricator.
5inch maid of kent.

Wanted stuart 10h castings.
Large sit in 7 1.4 gauge petrol hydraulic loco.
Dismantled pollylv chassis and complete tender.
Fowler a7 traction engine drawings..
5inch gauge britannia locomotive.
Stuart turner .
Edgar t westbury wyvern gas engine.
Pressure gauge.
Sweet violet. 3.5g drawings.
Schools class 3.5 g front bogie.
Reeves exhibition standard double tangye engine.
Stuart Sirius Engine
3 inch scale aveling porter traction engine with certs.
5 inch chub or ajax.
7.25 gauge ride in battery electric tram..
2 x 5 inch gauge passenger carriages.
3inch atkinson lorry.
Os 91 surpass four stroke.
Class 20 locomotive seven and a quarter ..
5inch gauge br 9f wanted.
Accucraft quarry hunslet.
5inch rollingl road.
Heilan lassie 3.5 gauge part built loco for sale.
Cantabury lamb 3.5g 0-4-0 locomotive.
5 inch meter maid 060.
3 inch burrell .
2 off indexable, resettable micrometer dials.
Drawings for 3 inch scale foden steam lorry.
5 inch gauge pug.
21mm aluminium rail..
Foster oil pump.
1inch minnie traction engine part built .
5 inch gauge 08 charlatan design shunter
Stuart No1 steam engine.
Railways for sale.
Stationary steam engine.
Don young.
5 inch gauge battery loco.
Stationary steam engine.
Class 20 locomotive seven and a quarter .
7.25 inch gauge train.
Ruston and proctor steam tractor, 3inch scale.
5inch gauge 4-4-0 maid of kent for sale part built.
2inch scale fowler showmans engine.
5inch gauge riding bogie.
For sale unique minnie 1 inch traction engine.
7.25 gauge kerr stuart wren.
3.5 inch gauge Euston 8F wanted, parts or project to finish or repair.
00 gauge.
7 and 1 quarter narrow gauge oil lamps.
Clayton 2 inch steam lorry articulated.
5inch guage speedy.
Live steam locomobile.
Three and half inch gauge mountaineer .
7 and a quarter lion.
4 inch burrell agricultural engine.
3.5 inch gauge LBSC Molly 3F steam locomotive
Lner b1 new build.
Wanted bulleid regulator handle.
Stuart dynamo - must be working.
B1 springbok.
Maxitrak 7.25 gauge opal locomotive.
Steam raising blower.
For sale large babcock boiler.
For sale blackstaff boiler.
3.5inch gauge live steam.
pv baker.
Garden railways.
5inch gauge Dolgoch
10.25 inch to 15 inch gauge locomotive boiler.
5inch gauge crab.
Pv baker. Tank loco.
One and half inch allchin traction engine.
5inch gauge o8 shunter.
Boxford lathe.
Brass tender body for 3.5 inch locomotive.
Myford taper turning attachment.
7 and a quarter lion.
steel railway for sale. 5inch and 7.25 gauge
New myford 7 accessories.
3inch clayton articulated steam wagon.
Sound unit .
Simplex drawings.
5inch gauge simplex boiler wanted.
8 steam draincocks threaded 0.25inch x 40tpi.
Selection of injector reamers and tooling.
5 ins c73 royal alex with driving truck for sale.
7.25 Romulus
5 ins c73 Royal Alex with driving truck for sale.
7.25inch gauge great eastern t26.
Romulus castings.
Three and a half inch rob roy steam engine.
Wanted black 5 drawings 5inch please.
1 1/2" Alchin Royal Chester unfinished project.
3.5 gauge highland lassey chassis.
3.5 inch conway.
Markie traction engine dynamo.
7.25 inch highlander class 5 loco and tender.
3.5 gauge 2-6-0 princess marina and tender.
4inch burrell scc road loco.
Polly 4 for sale.
3.5 inch caribou 0-8-0.
Set of 3.5inch coaches for sale.
Porter 2-6-0 locomotive 3.5 inch .
5 inch gauge gwr metro tank.
York bolton mill engine steam plant.
Polly 4 tender loco.
New 7.25 mine loco of allan keef design.
Marlow 3a mill.
Ancient part dismantled 3.5 inch gauge 440.
3.5 gauge maisie .
A4 regulator handle.
Cheddar models live steam launch.
2.5 gauge 0-6-0 southern maid.
Dcc burrell road locomotive.
Maxitrak burrell 1inch scale.
Wanted hardinge lathe.
2 inch scale foden lorry.
Coal cutting machine .
Horizontal mill engine with speed governor.
Stuart turner compound launch engine.
Steam pump.
Wanted, 1.5 inch bassett lowke burrell traction engine drawings.
5 inch gauge part built diesel.
5 inch gauge riding truck.
5inch gauge class 08 shunter.
5inch gauge hymek.
Wanted .

Maxitrack simplicity.
Accurcraft baldwin tender loco.
For sale 5inch pansy.
5inchguage sweet pea metre maid 040 042 060.
Myford ml7 lathe.
warco lathe for sale
Wanted 5 gauge class 47 loco cabs.
2 inch scale freelance burrell.
5inch part built martin evans b1.
7.25 two barralled beer wagon.
7.25 small beer wagon.
Don youngs 5inch glen design.
4 inch scale burrell dcc road locomotive.
Part built 5 inch gauge netta.
Stuart no1 with 504 boiler.
Large tinkerbell loco.
5 inch gauge class 33.
5inch live steam loco and tender maid of kent for sale in scotland..
Full speedy casting.
Cylinder castings.
Hydraulic motorcycle lift 450kg.
Nu tool mill drill.
L wynn-williams standard gauge hand point mechanism.
5 inch GWR 1400 kit.(still boxed).
5inch gauge passenger carriage.
5inch gauge sweet pea. New Price!
5 inch gauge battery loco.
10 ton gwr ballast wagon.
5inch gauge sweet pea.
5inch gauge maid of kent.
Midland compound.
Bantam cock (Gresley V4 2--6-2) 3.5"gauge
Used 5 inch gauge sweet pea 0-4-2 & tender & track
Wanted part built netta 5 inch gauge .
One and a half inch allchin wheels.
Large boiler for boat or static engine.
7.25 inch ride on railway.
5 inch gauge loco frames wheels etc.
7 1 4inch gauge petrol engine project loco.
Loco wheels.
5 inch gauge bogies.
5inch gauge class 08.
Stuart turner 5a.
Oo-gauge lms beyer-garrett loco kit.
7.25 inch gauge drs class 37 with sound..
Part built 3inch scale marshall traction engine.
11/2 inch scale ruston proctor traction engine.
Markie 1 inch limited edition no 80 of 150.
5inch l.b.s.c.lion for sale.full working order.
Two 5inch gauge class 50s.
5inch gauge marie e 0-4-0.
Maxitrak ruston 5inch.
Traction engine 2inch freelance.
Steam tug .
For sale accucraft joan.
Tom rolt 7 one quarter gauge .
5" modified Maxitrak chaloner.
3.5inch netta 0-8-0.
Part built 3.5inch gauge slate wagon with drawings.
Lister loco - gauge adjustable.
7.25 sweet william drawings 1-6 .
7.25 inch gauge elidir hunslet.
100mm pratt bernard 3 jaw chuck.....unused.
Genuine myford dividing head unused still in wrappers.
Coal fired stationary steam engine.
5inch gauge - Class 33 - restore project.
Wanted...5 inch gauge driving truck..
Tom senior junior mill.
Don youngs horwich crab.
Boxed set of taylor jones reamers..
Taylor jones h15 reamer.
2 mt jones and shipman boring head.
A b creed ltd. Boring head.
Simplex ash pan. Urgently wanted please
5 inch gauge track for sale.
5 inch gauge black 5.
Dividing plates for myford ml7 lathe.
5 inch gauge part built netta.
Wanted scale model traction engine design and construction book.
Double tangye.
Unmade model works britannia kit. 5inch scale.
5 inch dean single .
4inch foden lorry.
4 and a half inch burrell.
4inch foster.
Queens messenger nameplates and number plates.
Ferm scroll saw.
Cebora pocket turbo 130 mig welder.
040 5inch gauge tank engine.
Coal fired lady anne.
5inch gauge battery powered 0-6-0 janus shunter.
Juliet castings .
Myford m lathe part completed restoration project.
Cast iron brake block ring.
Unmachined bronze dome .
Cast iron horn blocks unmachined .
Wanted steam car lycamobile etc. cancelled 27/08/14
Drawings wanted 5inch hunslet.
Foster 3inch traction engine.
Complete machine workshop.
1.5 inch bassett lowke burrell.
1.5 inch gauge gas fired traction engine little restoration require.
3.5 gauge mountaineer.
Early maxitrak ruston .
Wallis and steevens.
5inch gauge maid of kentinch 4-4-0 part built .
5inch driving truck.
Locomotives that need a painting and clean up service.
3inch fowler showmans road loco.
For sale 1 inch burrell - markie scenic showmans engine.
7.25inch gauge driving wagon
Lady Anne coal fired.
Large overtype steam wagon.
5 inch gauge battery loco.
7.25 gauge jessie.
Four and half inch burrell .
7.25 gauge gwr 14xx.
5 inch gauge reeves stirling single drawings.
Gauge one class j94 0-6-0t.
Gauge one class 03 diesel shunter.
1 inch scale minnie set of 5 flanged boiler plates.
1.5 inch alchin traction engine set of flanged boiler plates.
Afghan engine and boiler complete running live steam plant assembly.
Stuart turner 10v complete steam plant.
Juliet 3.5 inch gauge locomotive steam boiler.
Steam loco juliet.
4 inch foster traction engine parts.
Wanted 5inch gauge charlatan br class 08.
Gauge one track for sale .
Part built 4inch foster.
60024 king fisher.
5inchgauge boxhill.
Thetford town parts.
Maxitrak coronation loco wanted metal body.
Accucraft leader live steam 0-4-2st unused.
Roundhouse Engineering Carrie Locomotive.
Part built fowler 5inch tender. Frames laser cut all.
For sale.
Unfired stuart turner 504 boiler.
7.25inch 0-4-0 bagnall and tender.
3.5inch britannia loco.
Winson 5 inch britannia kit for sale.
Loco wheel casting.
0-6-0 t meter maid 5inchg with side tanks.
Wanted a4 loco parts.
Mt2 milling collet chuck in wooden box as new.

5inch greenly rebuilt royal scot.
Victorian twin cylinder horizontal steam engine.
Victorian beam engine and boiler.
Petrol shunter wanted 5 inch.
3.5inch live steam 4-4-0 tender locomotive chassis, unfinished project.
Rare unrestored marklin 4158 plant .
5 inch gauge slaters wagon wheels.
7.25 agenoria 0 4 0.
Coal fired boiler.
5inch gauge city of bath.
3.5 inch gauge juliet 0 4 4 tank engine.
3.5 g rob roy chasssis.
3.5 gauge caribou loco.
5 inch gauge points right hand.
3.5 inch 4-6-4 tank locomotive.
Engine and truck for sale.
Wanted - 5inch gauge sweet pea.
7.25 inch gauge elidir hunslet .
The 5 inch tram.
3.5inch gauge clarksons b1 part built.
Stuart turner 10 h.
5 inch maxitrax ruby drawrings.
Motor and electrics.
Myford ml7 vgc on metal stand 240v.
Three and a half inch conway parts.
Bowman luton
7.25g locomotive.
5inch de winton coffee pot.
Heavey weight 7 25 gauge bogies NEW
Large victorian twin cylinder steam engine..
Seven and a quarter strerling single 2 2 2. reduced for quick sale
Collection of vintage hornby o gauge locos, wagens and track.
5inch inch gauge electric north british diesel loco.
5inch gauge small electric loco diesel.
5inch maid of kent outside cylinders chassis and boiler part built .
Myford lathe wanted.
5inch part built railmotor no 1.
7.25 gauge sit astride coaches x 2.
5 inch gauge southern railway l1 4-4-0.
Part built railmotor no 1.
5inch gauge baguley drewry .
5 inch gauge schools class ardingly.
Fowler road locomotive 2in. Scale.
2inch scale thetford town showmans engine.
3.5inch maisie.
Roundhouse taliesin.
Museum quality accessories .
5inch g de-winton coal fired.
Polly 4 tender loco 0 6 0.
Gauge 1 2-10-0.
New b1 locomotive for sale.best offerover£6000
Harrison l5.
3.5 inch gauge LBSC Rainhill.
7.25 inch royal scott.
5inch gauge ajax loco.
Wanted a little traction engin, max. 1 inch.
Large 6 note chime whistle.
Ransomes sims and jefferies showmans engine.
3 inch, aveling and porter, maxitrak .
1.5 inch traction engine engine driving truck.
3 inch traction engine driving truck.
Stuart no.1.
Dividing head direct and worm geared.
5 inch gauge villers engine 0-6-0 shunter.
Wanted 3.5inch gauge juliet boiler.
Hardinge centre lathe.
5inch riding truck and coach.
Stationery steam engine by regner.
5 inch gauge wheel castings.
5 inch gauge loco frames .
5 inch gauge loco frames .
5inch hunslet by don young - part built.
Archangel s and d 0-4-4 gauge 1 spirit fired live steam.
Large pride of penrhyn overtype steam wagon.
Clayton 2 inch steam lorry vgc.
Petrol driven locomotive 5 inch gauge..
Metre maid 5inch gauge. Part built.
3.5inch gauge stirling single 4-2-2 .
Strugling still for room something else to go.
Too many projects something has to go.
Too many projects something to go.
brake van.
3.5inch gauge stephenson valve gear for inchjulietinch.
5inch class 20 locomotive.
Vulcan beam engine in display case..
5inch gauge track.
Model james watt low pressure steam eng..
bridget 7.14 g loco 0-4-2.
Advanced simplex project.
5 inch gauge aluminium rail.
3.5 inch conway.
Large six note chime whistle with valve..
Ride on railways or phoenix titan
Stuart no 9. Price dropped, need to sell asap.
7.25 sit-in or astride coaches for sale.
4 inch burrel.
Lbsc pansy gwr 0-6-0pt.
Stuart major beam engine wanted.
7.25 hermes or hercules drawings and castings.
7.25 hercules .
7.25 g invictor.
Wanted - urgent.
3.5 inch Stanier 2-6-4T, Coal Fired
5inch duchess or princess complete or with boiler.
Model engineer magazines. 1949 thru 1974.
5 inch bullhead rail chairs.
Exhibition Quality Miniature Generating Station.
M and w 25mm micrometer.
Moore and wright 25mm micrometer.
Starrett 0-1inch micrometer..
3 to 4 inch micrometer.
M and w 2 - 6 inch micrometer.
Transwave converter.
Stuart major beam engine..
Full drawing set wanted. Set Located.
Coventry die boxes and chasers.
Nearly complete maisie tender.
Maisie chassis and castings.
Part built maisie .
Model engineers workshop. Full set of magazines..
7 and quarter inch tom rolt.
5inch guage falcon.
Stuart twin victoria set of castings.
2 inch scale steam wagon.
Markie crane engine.
4inch burrell single for sale.
5 inch gwr king part built. please email for pictures
Aster g1 pannier tank.
5ins gauge boxhill.
7.25 inch gauge petrol shunter.
Peco 0 gauge track, used.
5inch gauge simplex..
Trailer with canopy.
5 inch gwr castle boiler.
A4 regulator handle.
3inch burrell parts for sale.
Superheater header casting. Reeves 7.25inch Adams B4.
5 inch gauge gwr castle wheels.
Five inch gauge great western manor.
3f locomotive 3.5 inch gauge.
Warco 2b12 pillar drill.
Trailer with canopy.
Five inch gauge great western manor.
Marine boiler.
Rotating engine maintenance stand.
3.5inch tich for sale coal fired vgc.
5 inch gauge left hand point..
3.5 inch rainhill.
7.25 inch gauge aluminium point.
7.25inch air running hercules chassis.
Gentleman thats just sold his 7.25 inch gauge britannia .
5inch narrow gauge steam loco.
Metal cutting bandsaw.
7.25inch county donegal no.4 railbus.
5inch gauge trolley chassis.
Live steam 1 inch scale minnie traction engine.
For sale-Maid of kent 5inch gauge.
Stuart no 9.
Stuart d10 steam engine.
Stuart 5a with reversing gear and water pump.
Wanted 6inch foden cast wheels or patterns.
Superb stuart no 9 engine .
Wanted 3.5inch gauge juliet parts.
4 inch foster traction engine parts.
2 inch rsj traction engine castings .
Phoenix 5 inch class 50 locomotive.
5inch inch gauge petrol shunter wanted..
Atkinson 3 inch boiler and or engine wanted.
3inch scale clayton steam lorry.
Clayton wagon 2inch.
5 inch gauge maxitrak electric loco..
Stuart steam plant.
Wanted, 5inch gauge part bult locomotive.
5 inch carriage with glass fibre body..
5 inch gauge mk2 carriage..
Compass house carriage 5 inch gauge..
Building stand.
7.25 inch class 40 glass fibre cabs and roof..
Hardinge hlv h.
Super sentinel steam lorry.
Burrells showmans engine.
Boat engine swan double two.
7.25 midge.
Stunning stuart no.9.
Martin and bayliss pb2 engines and boiler.
Passenger trailer -suit 4 inch scale engine.
3.5inch tich for sale.
5inch gauge gwr std. No. 2 boiler kit.
Live steam loco.
7.25 inch Dart. Frames and chassis parts..
Stuart sirius engine.
Myford super 7 lathe.
Exhibition quality edgar t westbury live steam paddle engine and boiler.
Roundhouse 32mm bertie.
7.25 inch gauge hercules.
Roundhouse millie green.
Lbsc molly 3.5inch gauge.
Fowler derby 4f 3.5 gauge.
7.25 gauge chassis 0-6-0 .
7 1.4 gauge semi scale wagon for sale.
7 1.4 narrow gauge wagons for sale.
5inch gauge sweet pea tender.
5nch gauge 9f castings.
2inch durham and north yorkshire traction engine.
Sanderson beam engine drawings.
Samson universal carrier 3inch scale.
Wanted beugler lining pen.
Bridget drawings wanted.
5 ba hex grub screws.
Spg tools milling machine.
5 inch gauge lancashire and yorkshire pug 0 4 0 tank engine drawings sale.
5 inch gauge britannia drawings for sale.
3.5 inch gauge derby 4f drawings for sale..
Pair of 7.25 inch gauge bogies..
7 and quarter gauge bridget chassis.
3 and half inch maisie tender.
3 and half inch 2-6-0 lms 3000 class air running chassis and boiler.
5" 060 040 shunting loco.
2 inch fowler a7 traction engine.
Early version stuart s 50 horizontal mill engine.
Polly1 5inch gauge.
W canning open pole dynamo c1890 - 1910.
Durham and north 2inch traction engine drawings and clayton 2inch drawings.
7.25 inch gauge commercial riding truck.
Excellent 1.5in. Allchin traction engine cased model.
Vintage compound marine engine.
True exhibition standard stuart no.4 early version.
Carlisle and finch vintage dynamo.
Stuart models st sun. Beautiful top quality build.
Twin cylinder reeves borderer marine engine.
4 ins burrell taction engine.
5inch gauge hunslet jill for sale .
3.5inch gauge bogies.
Polly 2 locomotive 5inch gauge.
A.j. Reeves hermes parts wanted.
Heavy duty fibreglass deck gratings.
5in gauge track.
3.5in g axle pump with strecher.
5 inch deltic class 55.
Number 6 injector, unused.
Flanged copper boiler plates.
Piston rings.
Moveable 5inch gauge storage rails.
Sealey hydraulic lifting table. 150kg capacity
5inch gauge driving truck for sale.
5 inch gauge b1 springbok drawings wanted.
Urgently wanted 7 quarter gauge carriages.
Warco economy 003001c milling machine.
4 x brandbright premier panelled coaches. 45mm gauge
5inch gauge simplex 0-6-0 tank loco.
Lathe motor.
7.25 gauge holmside.
5inch gauge railmotor steam loco.
5 inch maid of kent project.
7 .25 britannia.

D hewson mk1 corridor brake.
South african railway class j 4-6-4t 5inch.
New 6inch scale tasker traction engine.
battery electric locomotive.
7.25 inch gauge electric loco.
K1. Tasmanian. Beyer. Garratt. GRS. Prototype loco kit made..
Builder wanted.
Allchin scale model gold cup winning wheels.
5inch gauge sweet pea wanted.
5inch gauge simplex.
Flying scotsman 2.5 inch gauge.
7.25 gauge large boiler titch with vacuum fitted driving truck.
5 gauge super simplex.
5inchrail motor.
Minnie 2inch.
5inch gauge ajax.
Guage one.
Loading trestle.
3inch foden steam wagon.
3inch foden steam wagon.
Std2 frames.
Chester conquest imperial milling drilling machine..
Dockyard Steam Crane with boiler and pump
Lms tank.
Part built burrell showmans engine.
Eaton 7 hydrostate.
7.25inch thomas 2 drawings.
10.25 gauge loco..
Fowler showmans traction engine.
7.25 inch gauge paddington drawings.
Triple expansion marine engine.
Drummond type b lathe.
5inch maid of kent, outside cylinders.
Gauge 1 dot parts.
T scale model.
Wanted 5inch gauge rolling road.
7 and a quarter inch gauge king class locomotive rolling.
5 inch gauge duchess tender body.
5 inch gauge lms duchess castings.
4inch burrell single cylinder traction engine..
3.5 inch gauge part built roedean.
Boiler for Bridget locomotive..
4inch burrell DCC road loco.
Bantam lathe.
Bulleid pacific.
Roundhouse billy and iom coaches.
Miniature 3inch aveling barford dx petrol road roller.
250m plus 714 gauge 27mm alloy track and 3 points.
7.25 inch gauge GWR 14xx chassis
Bogies .
Arbor press.
5 inch gauge sweet pea, with tender.
Jubilee chassis tank locomotive.
Maxitrack burrell showmens traction engine.
5inch g. Engine driven radio controlled hymek.
Sweet william 7.25 inch.
Articulated steam loco twin water tanks .
2 inch aveling and porter steam roller.
DJB, Bachmann 16mm.
1inch traction engine wanted.
Pair of small flywheels for sale.
Castings for stuart beam engine.
Vintage high speed marine engine. stuart 180.
5inch talyllyn railway locomotive.
Class 14 teddy bear diesel loco..
Castings for 4inch clayton.
Sweetpea tender.
Beugler professional pinstriping tool.
Maxitrak burrell 1 inch.
Cookham manor
Sweet william drawings.
3.5 inch rob roy.
5 inch gauge petrol powered locomotive.
5inch gauge maid of kent.
5 inch 0-4-0 shunter coronation class.
Lion thunderbolt titfield thunderbolt 1883.
3inch marshall pride of the road.
Clock making tools.
3 and half inch netta .
4 and a half inch foden steam lorry john rex design.
Hobbymat precision lathe type md 65.
Romulus tender wheels axles axle boxes.
3.5inch mountaineer.
Sweet pea for sale.
19mm aluminium rail .
10.25 inch lnwr coal engine..
7.25inch gauge a4 lner.
3.5inch clayton steam lorry .
Lickham hall /Lifford hall 3.5 inch gauge. Locomotive.
5inch class 20 locomotive. B.r.Green.
5inch gauge gwr manor 4-6-2.
3.5 inch gauge canterbury lamb loco and tender.
5 inch gauge american porter 0-4-0 tank loco part built.
5 inch gauge american porter 0-4-0t loco part built.
7.25 g stafford loco.
7.25 inch gauge 040 electric loco.
7.25 inch gauge standard gauge wagons.
Newbury gauge 1 scratch built steam locomotive and tender.
Stewart beam engine.
3.5 tich.
Polly loco wanted.
Romulus 040 for sale.
7.25inch lms black five .
No. 6 horizontal injector..
Gauge 1 or g45 track and coaches.
Parkside electronics.
Myford ml7 lathe.
7.25 gauge bridget 060.
Nearly finished 3.5 gauge 4_4_2 atlantic.
Maxitrak American EMD F7a 5inch gauge diesel outline locomotive.
2 inch foden steam wagon.
7.25 king george v working chassis.
7.25 gauge electric loco.
Maxitrak american emd f7a 5inch gauge.
5 inch gauge Railmotor no 1 Tender Locomotive.
Full size horizontal stationary steam engine.
Wanted fixed and moving steadies.
5 inch gauge 0-4-0 chub.
3inch scale simplicity steam roller.
5inchgwr auto coach.
5 in g gwr buldog boiler with cert.
7.25inch gauge gwr prairie.
Dewhurst rotary reversing switches 1 left
1 1/2" Allchin Tender
5 inch gauge deltic class 55
Gauge one 10mm awesome streamlined coronation scot loco.
Wanted 6 inch flywheel or casting to suit stationary steam engine.
7 1 4 romulus loco.
Vertex 8inch rotary table horizontal vertical.
Cheddar claire live steam boat for sale.
25 meters pnp track and driving truck.
4 inch scale salvage center engine.
5inch driving trolley.
Two 5 inch gauge raised track trolleys.
Accucraft mortimer 040 saddletank manual maroon..
3.5 gauge stirling single.
3.5 g greene king castings.
3.5 gauge jeannie deans.
Romulus copper boiler.
4.5 inch burrell, complete brake assembly.. Acme screw thread.

2 foot gauge locomotive hibberd. reduced to sell
Wanted 3.5 gauge tender loco.
5 inch Britannia or 9F.
7.25 inch bogies.
For sale polly 1 0-4-0t loco antonia .
Romulus new copper boiler.
5 inch gauge driving truck.
2 7.25inch gauge bogies .
3inchscale suffolk dredger with buckets.
5" Gauge D1065 Western Consort.
5inch A4 wanted.
5 gauge class 37 model engineering supplies.
Maxitrak burrell prince.
Caribou 3.5 gauge loco.
Wanted 2inch scale thetford town drawings.
0.6.0 steam locomotive 7 1,4 gauge built by archangel models in the 1980s. Price reduced
4 and a half inch foden c type.
Part built 1 inch minnie..
4 inch scall salvage center engine.
7.25inchg.hercules,partbuilt,boiler certificate.
7 1 4 gauge 0-4-0 tug plus riding truck.
4 inch foster traction engine boiler..
7.25 0 4 0 Jessie built to exhibition standard model.
Railmotor 2 for sale .
Markie spirit fired traction engine.
Stuart triple drawings.
312inchgauge mountaineer tank loco..
Engineer built 5inch gauge butch..
Gauge 1 greene arrow.
5inchgauge milk tanker.
A extremely well engineered double cylinder diagonal paddle live steam model engine.
PNP Screw Fit 5 Inch Gauge Track Brand New.
5 gauge ffestiniog railway battery electric.
Romulus 040 Steam loco for sale .
5 inch - black 5 boiler required.
Taplin tempest wanted.
1.5inch allcin .
3 inch scale burrell traction engine.
Stuart triple expansion engine..
For sale norman t300 reg no te9239.
3.5 gauge great western king.
Misc 5 gauge. Will split.
5inch y4. In need need of overhaul..
Gauge one 10mm awesome streamlined coronation set.
Seven-and-a-quarter gauge loco lifting table.
5inch driving trolley.
5inch extended 0-4-4 achilles.
6 in. Rotary table with dividing plates.
Stuart vertical live steam engine circa 1950.
Live steam stuart beam engine circa 1950.
2 7.25" Gauge Bogies
5inch-gauge simplex.
5 inch chub .
5 inch hunslet.
Polly 5 tank loco 2-6-0.
2inch scale traction engine wanted.
Trailer for seven and quarter gauge models.
Part built 2inch fowler ploughing engine.
5 inch gauge vintage tank engine 042.
Sweet pea.
Wanted 4inch mclaren traction engine.
5inch gauge pollymodels 0-4-0 tank loco caroline .
Mamod live steam train set never steamed.
5inch simplex. exhibition standard model.
5 inch lms pug. as new and weathered.
JC 11 oz injector.
5in. Guage railmotor tender loco. New build.
4 ins foster traction engine.
Wanted, 7.25 inch bogies.
5 inch gauge trolley.
4inch scale burrell agricultural complete with blue line twin axle box trailer.
5 inch gauge coach..
Stuart models triple expansion casting kit.
Royal scot three and a half inch gauge . (lower price)
Super simplex 5inch.
5inch gauge polly 4 katie.
Locomotive mover.
CNC lathe wanted. Mini or micro size
2 inch clayton underside steam lorry rolling chassis.
3.5 gauge rodean schools loco .
1 inch scale burrell steam traction engine.
3kw mains generator.
Polly 1 tender loco, restoration needed. dismantalled
Gcr atlantic no.361 5inch loco.
Coming up for auction 1.5 in. Allchin traction engine.
Ckarkes bench drill stand.
7.25inch midge.
Gauge 1 steam engine.
5 inch gauge achilies or ajax.
Simplex 5inch gauge 0-6-0 tank loco.
Allchin castings as pictured.
3.5g. Maisie 4-4-2 gnr atlantic locomotive and tender .
Chester model b super multifunction lathe and mill.
1inch minnie parts.
5 inch 3 cylinder scot.
Romulus steam locomotive for sale Type 040
Twin cylinder steam engine
Single cylinder steam engine .
Model steam engine - James Coombes engine
Twin cylinder steam engine - James Coombes engine
2 inch clayton underside steam lorry rolling chassis.
Seven and a quarter sturrock single .
5inch gauge Talyllyn Dolgoch.
Dave noble supplied riding truck.
5inch gauge 0 6 0 tank engine.
Stuart beam engine..
Stuart Major beam engine wanted..
New argon gas regulators.
Myford lath and lots of bits..
Foden injector cones, new..
Wanted 5inch gauge driving wagon.
Stuart real vertical engine.
7.25 narrow gauge steam loco
New 35m aluminium 5inch gauge rail, chairs and sleepers.
Almost new ajax bench drill 16mm mt2 chuck.
Class 14 (teddy bear) Diesel Loco.
Myford collet set new boxed.
Electric hoist similiar to engine hoist 150kgs capacity.
Robroy locomotive.
4inch case 65 traction engine full paperwork.
1 inch minnie traction engine.
7.25inch lms midge.
5inch gauge Tender Locomotive Wanted
Doris Copper Boiler Kit
5inch gauge merchant navy casting.
3.5 inch gauge gwr 43xx mogul
Wanted 4inch maclaren..
4 inch dcc traction engine.
5inch maid of kent .
5inch gauge ground level track.
Ready to run 7.25 inch gauge battery loco chassis..
7.25inch electro motive sw1200 switcher .
Traction engine drawings various
Steam injector jets or cones
Pair of loading ramps for up to 4 inch engine..
7 14 highlander black 5..
Looking for 3.5inch rolling stock.
5 gauge Polly 2. Price Reduced
Pair of loading ramps for up to 4 inch engine.
5inch gauge metropolitan loco for sale.
7.25 climax loco.
5inch scale gw manor locomotive for sale.
Fowler 2inch a7.
5inch b1 boiler wanted .
5inch 060 loco. ?
7.25 gauge 4.4.0 steam locomotive.
5inch gauge hymek.
5inch gauge sweet pea.
Simat 101 lathe.
3.5 inch gwr hall 4-6-0.
Aveling dx roller.
Part built 3inch marshall traction engine with hydraulic end steel boiler.
J fowler traction engine.
Royal scot loco 5inch guage lms fowler stanier.
Petrol hydraulic loco.
7 1 4 gauge steel track wanted.
Minnie 1 inch scale traction engine .
3.5 inch tich loco .
Allchin royal chester 1.5 inch scale.
2inch fowler a7 single cylinder traction engine.
Stuart sun castings .
Wanted short - about 18inch length .
Stuart turner launch engine.
5inch gauge braked riding truck.
3.5 gauge gwr king.
Wanted foden steam lorry or traction engine
For sale 4 inch foster .
Winson 5 inch 9f evening star kit.
Aster gauge 1 std 5.
7.25 inch g. 0-4-0 midge no 1105.
2inch clayton undertype steam waggon
4inch scale tasker little giant.
Ride on coach.
Martian balis and hows steam launch.
7.25 standard 4 tank chassis.
Koppel set of castings by ken swan.
Twin marine steam engine new.
4 inch working saw bench.
Wanted metalsmith rivet press.
5 inch gauge right-hand point.
5 inch gauge 0-4-0 battery loco..
5inch gauge braked drivers trolley.
5.5inch maid of kent.

Live steam 3.5 inch gauge rob roy.
G1mra project chassis.
Cowells mini bench drill.
Minnie 2inch scale set of spur gears.
040 petrol hydrostatic loco and tender.
Part built minnie.
Boxford me 10 lathe.
5inch driving trolley.
Heavy 6 spoke 7 inch c.i. Flywheels.
Speedy 0 6 0 tank loco in 5inch g.
Jubilee 2 6 4 stanier loco in 3 and half g.
040 petrol hydrostatic loco and tender.
Aveling and porter steam roller.
7.25inch gauge petrol hydraulic locomotive.
Economy engine.
7.25inch gauge sit astride carriage.
5 inch gauge b1. rare prototypical model, not to martin evans..
Ruston and proctor steam tractor 4inch.
Multitube marine boiler for model boat.
7.25 inch scale gw toad brake van.
Vintage 1930s bassett lowke steam launch.
Horizontal single cylinder mill engine.
Coal-fired copper boiler.
Gauge 1 B4.
Caledonian Railway Pickersgill P60.
Aster Duchess BR red livery.
Wanted 2 inch fowler a7 traction engine.
Romulus lubricator body.
Twin cylinder live steam boat engine.
Sevenscale alan harris wheels.
5 inch gauge merchant navy castings.
Wanted roundhouse billy .
3.5 inch 8f euston.
5 inch gauge loco with driving truck..
Part built 5 inch gauge speedy.
Complex machine drilling and milling.
5inch gauge passenger wheels.
Minnie 2inch .
7.25inch invicta.
Large steam plant..
Three quarter inch scale bassett lowke traction engine.
Oscillating engine.
New 8 to10 hp swan compound 3 plus 5 x 4 made by strath steam and has only been tested with compressed air.
3inch or 4.5inch foden steam wagon drawings..
Pillar drill.
Rolling roads.
B1 springbok 5 inch live steam loco chassis and cylinders.
5 inch gauge gwr collett goods loco.
Coal-fired steamboat with trailer..
5 inch sweetpea.
Reeves steam hammer.
Stuart real vertical steam engine..
Well made stuart number 9.
Stuart major beam.
Maxitrack dixie 5 inch.
0-6-0 achiles 5inch tank.
3inch traction engine driving trolley.
Hornby stephensons rocket 3.5inch.
Part built de winton locomotive.
16mm live steam bagnal class 4-4-0 isibutu locomotive.
16mm live steam kerr-stuart brazil class 0-4-0 st.
Accucraft Ragleth 16mm ng live steam 0-4-0 Locomotive power unit..
Roundhouse billy steam loco 16mm ng.
Royal scott, 5inch gauge. Recently refitted.
5 inch unique gwr absorbed 0-4-2.
Wanted. Drawings for virginia engine.
Castings wanted for 5 inch clarksons austerity.
Beautiful ride on foden steam wagon lorry.
Burrell steam roller.
Part built 3.5 inch gauge narrow gauge sharp stewart 2-4-0, indonesian state railways.
Large anount of 5 inch track spikes.
Martin reeves 5 inch royal scot.
Black 5 boiler 5inch gauge ,scrap one considered.
7 and a quarter inch gauge scale wagon.
Steward sirius.
Speedy drawings.
3.5 inch gauge tich.
35mm steam locomotive..
3inch traction engine wheels.
0 gauge locomotive and tender.
Anything for a 6inch foden lorry.
2 off 6inch copper tubes 16g.
9inch scale model of sentinal type steam wagon - sentalike.
Large duplex steam engine with governors.
North british 0.4.0 shunter 5inch gauge remote control.
3.5inch gauge mv baker 0.6.0 tank engine .
Wanted Regner Konrad or Roundhouse Bertie 32mm
M.e.beam engine. Exceptionally nice engine.
Taw roundhouse loco.
Os rocket.
7.25 inch riding truck.
1.5inch Allchin traction engine.
1inchtraction engine.
Bassett lowke 3.5 inch gauge 0.6.0.
5" Gauge Lms fowler stainless steel tender body.
4.5 inch plaistow burrell.
0 gauge evening star locomotive and tender.
5 inch rail motor project.
3.5 inch jubilee .
1.5 scale minnie traction engine.
3 .5inch gauge king edward four cylinder.
Stuart major beam engine.
Aster gauge 1 gwr castle class locomotive.
5 inch diameter coal-fired boiler.
7.25inchg b1 rodean partbuilt.
Phoenix class 50 5inch loco.
3.5 inch track wanted.
Horizontal air steam engine.
New 17.5m 5inch gauge track.
Myford ml10 3 quarter centre lathe for sale.
Foden cylinder casting.
flying scotsman 3.5 inch scale .
Brittania and tender.
3inch marshall.
7 1/4 inch 0 6 0 Tank Engine Rolling Chassis with new professionally built boiler and drawings etc etc.
Unique 5inch guage fowler steam locomotive built from a photograph in 1992.
Tinkerbell castings.
Wanted part built sweet pea.
5 inch gauge steam reeves royal scot boiler kit.
4inch scale blue award winning foster road locomotive.
5 inch gauge "Sweet Pea"
1 inch minnie part built.
6inch scale burrell gold medal tractor.
Wanted claire cheddar model steam boat.
Don young fishbourne drawings.
Wanted small 5 gauge electric.
1 inch minnie part built.
7.25inch gauge hermes castings.
Minnie 1inch part build.
Trailor wanted.
Wanted .
Maisie 3.5inch g 4-4-2 atlantic.
Ivatt c1 class 4 4 2 live steam 3 5 gauge part built locomotive and tender.
Stuart beam engine castings ..
5 inch rail motor 0 4 0 with tender.
Wanted ride on railways 4 wheel chassis.
6ins baldwin wheel rims.
Myford swivelling vertical slide..
Wanted stuart no.9. or no.4
5in. Guage rainhill loco and tender.
3.5 inch jenny lind or similar.
Vintage bassett-lowke tangye type horizontal engine c1912.
Rare vintage stuart turner model dynamo c1926.
Stuart turner star high speed model marine engine c1926 .
5inch alice loco.
Wanted stuart turner no.1 and star engines.
Sweet pea construction manual.
5 inch gauge railmotor 0.4.0 with tender.
Burrell traction engine .
3.5inch titfield thunderbolt.
Atkinson steam lorry drawing.
3.5 gauge invicta engine.
3.5 5.0 inch with certificates if possible
Modelworks 45xx. 5inch gauge.
To buy or borrow.
7.25 inch romulus with tender.
Norton no. 4 flypress.
Wanted 3inch burrell copper boiler..
3inch burrell copper boiler wanted.
7.25 inch buffer stop.
Great lot of steam engines for sale as one lot.
G scale spectrum 2-8-0 consolidation narrow gauge outside frame loco..
Gauge 1 pearse countess with remote control in excellent condition..
Twin cylinder hot air engine believed bing.
Twin cylinder marine engine - unused.
Stuart turner no. 9 steam engine.
Very large tallow cup oiler.
Heritage live steam mill engine.
No.3 injector from blackgates - new.
Live steam fitting - new.
New fittings for steam boiler.
Blackgates no.4 injector -new.
Blackgates injector - new.
Scale model baler suit small traction engine etc..
7.25 inch narrow gauge steam locomotive
Exhibition quality stationary steam plant. With test..
3.5inch gauge atlantic.
Lner pacific 3 .5 inch gauge heilan lassie 462.
5inch gauge y6 steam tram wanted.
5 inch gauge royal scot.
Engineer in minature. I need copies from.
Speedy loco castings, drawings, manual.
Bassett lowke seven and a quarter king george v.
Diane carney 5in headboards.
Plates for 5in b1 reedbuck.
Virginia american 4.4.0 3.5 inch gauge set of castings.
Gwr 4.6.0 county 3.5 inch gauge set of castings.
Mountaineer 3.5 inch gauge part built.
Lner pacific 3 .5 inch gauge heilan lassie 462.
Drawings for martin evans roedeer.
Accucraft - wd baldwin - gauge 1.
Sweet pea loco or parts.
3.5 inch gauge live steam coal fired 2-6-2 bantam cock locomotive and tender.
Wanted a simplex or 2 inch traction engine.
Diesel shunter 0-4-0.
3.5inch gauge tich.
5 gauge part built talyllyn railway dolgoch.
Tich chassis and boiler.
Part built 3.5 inch britannia castings and drawings.
Class 20 locomotive 5 inch scale..
3.5 inch gauge tich chassis and boiler.
Live steam coal , gas fired boiler superb very nicely made.
Wanted peveril live steam accucraft.
Horizontal mill engine.
Tich chassis.
Horizontal mill engine.
4inch fowler dcc general purpose fenland traction engine with half canopy.
Bolton no 5 marine engine..
Clarkson l1.
Live steam coal wood fired boiler. with super heaters
Beam engine - me type.
5inch part built metro.
Maxitrak ruby.
5 inch gauge maxitrak simplicity.
3 1.2 inch hornby rocket.
Museum standard. Canterbury lamb ivicta 0-4-0 loco 3.5 inch gauge.
Twin burner boiler with gas tank.
Roundhouse bertie locomotive.
Markie showmans.
Minnie traction engine..
Black 5 7.25 inch gauge highlander..
Steam traction lorry foden 3"

Fly wheel.
Clarkson of york mill engine superb.
Drawings for a stirling locomotive.
Myford ml7 lathe..
4inch burrell chimney and base.
Polly 5
Colchester chipmaster lathe.
burrel traction engine drawings.
Colonial boiler..B6.
Axminster rf-25i mill.
Warco mini mill .
Minnie traction engine part built. 1 inch scale
Open for offers for small lathe.

Mary beam engine..
Stationary steam plant..
3 inch burrell. CHEAP
Wanted - modelworks 5 inch a3 or a4 assembly instructions.

5inch guage sweet pea.
16mm arcangel little wonder.
Myford amolco milling head ml7 s7.
Myford fixed steady and face plate..

3.5inch princess marina.
5inch gwr 1500 speedy loco lbsc.
Part built 5inch gauge railmotor.
B1 loco.
Handbuilt 5inch gauge steam locomotive.
040 electric diesel dock shunter 7.25g.
Gauge three points proff. Built.
Myford ml7 lathe.
Sweet pea 5 inch guage 0-4-0.
Marshall portable model.
French 72 mm SNCF 141 R
Fine italian sea steam tug. .
Fine steam plant.
Fine OS Porter mogul
French SNCF 72 mm 141 R
Fine italian sea steam tug.
Fine steam plant.
5inch gauge battery electric engine.
Hymek fibreglass body.
Ride on railways quarry hunlet.
Abwood 4inch machine vice on swivelling base .
5inch driving trolley with brake .
Three quarter inch markie traction engine.
Accucraft edrig.
2inch fowler a7 traction engine for sale..
Ten ton wallis and steveens advance cylinder.
Large sit-in 7.25 inch gauge battery electric locomotive.
Job lot of model aircraft engines.
Allchin royal chester 1 and half inch scale.
Robbe moskito sport ii.
Beautiful triple expansion steam engine.
Vulcan beam engine steam plant.
3 inch burrell traction engine.
Record drilling machine.
Springbok b1 castings.
Chester milling machine.
Centec 2b milling machine.
Markie showmans traction engine.
040 electric diesel dock shunter 7 .25 g.
1.5 inch burrel traction engine.
Amolco milling machine.
Part built titch for sale.
Wanted minnie parts .
7.25inch gauge battery electric engine.
O gauge brass track, 3 rail hand made cross overs.
5 inch 45xx prairie.
5 inch britannia.
3 and a half inch tich rolling chassis and book.
2inch scale clayton steam lorry drawings .
4inch scale foster drawings .
4inch scale foster drawings .
6inch scale mclaren.
Wanted a3 7.25 gauge drawings.
Sweet pea boiler.
model works tiger tank. 1/8 scale 40" o/a length
Wanted part built or parts for 1 inch scale minnie.
Amolco milling head for myford lathe.
Chester e25 milling machine in good condition and tooling.
Myford ml7 lathe with lots of accessories.
Juliet 3.5inch part built with boiler.
Myford vmc milling machine single phase.
00 gauge on30 set.
Well wagon frame..
Stuart sirius .
2 inch clayton lorry.
5inch gauge battery loco ready to run.
3 inch burrell parts.
Steam train 7.25 inch pearl 0-4-2st saddle tank built by maxitrak.
Boiler wanted .
L.B.S.C Ivy Hall Live steam 3.5 inch gauge 4 6 0 locomotive and tender.
Polly locomotive.
Almost complete 7.25inch elidir.
4 inch burrell.
3.5 inch gauge narrow gauge locomotive.
Gauge 1 project boiler g1mra.
3.5 inch robroy.
5 inch l n e r b1.
Stuart turner no1 engine.
Stuart turner 5a vertical engine.
Colchester student lathe.
1 1/2"Fowler showmans traction engine.
gauge 1 4-6-2t gcr lner a5.
7.25" gauge LMS "George the Fifth" class 4-4-0.
Unbuilt br class 15 loco kit 7.25 inch gauge.
2 x 15f 5,5 inch steam engines.
Wallaby ohv twin cylinder 30cc petrol engine.
Three and half inch gauge gunmetal piston valve cylinders as cast.
Brakepipe pressure gauge westinghouse .
Edgar Westbury Diagonal Paddle Steam Engine.
7.25 inch gauge greenly schools class for sale.
4 inch burrell.
3.5 inch gauge narrow gauge locomotive.
Can anyone help.
Single cylinder horizontal mill engine.
Stuart no 4.
Clarkson horizontal live steam engine..
Marshall 1.5inch portable.
Accucraft live steam earl, 45mm r.c 2.4ghz .
Marten howes baylis pb2.
5 inch gauge 0 4 4t narrow gauge locomotive.

Foden style klinger water level gauge inchnewinch.
4 and half inch scale foden c type lorry .
jones baler

Sweet pea parts.
Maxitrack simplicity 5in. engine, coaches and track.
4inch burrell traction engine wanted.
Clarke cl300m lathe.

3inch steam engine.
5inch metro, 5inch pansy boiler, 3.5inch massis chassis.

Loco vertical steam water pump.
Wanted a britannia.
5inch metro parts.
7.25inch narrow gauge inchelidirinch-full boiler certificate.

3.5inch bagnall type loco.
Foden six inch six ton wagon.
Sweet pea boiler.
Saito t2 marine steam engine.
5inch gauge dean goods 0-6-0 tender locomotive.
Midland compound outline,eg. Two cylinders.
2.5 gauge 3. dyak drawings , plans wanted.
3 1.2 inch King Arthur part built..
Accucraft ng garratt - ran twice only.
4inch Foster or Burrell traction engine .
Castings for a 7.25 gauge marie estelle.
5inch gauge Maxitrak Ruston.
4inchscale bb1 ploughing engine.
7 1 4 inch gauge battery electric.
Steamboat and trailer.
5 inch gauge ride on railways collection.
Barley twist..
Stuart major beam engine drawins.
Radiguet steam engine.
5 inch gauge 0-4-0 battery locomotive..
Winson 5 inch gauge 9F kit.
Accucraft ngg16 garratt.
Accucraft sp s-12 locomotive.
Accucraft sp f5.
Stuart models d10 casting kit.
5 inch gauge sweet pea.
Wanted, mj eng bagnall drawings and parts.
Roundhouse bertie 16mm scale, 45mm gauge locomotive.
Stuart d10 or score pipework fittings.
3.5inch ROB ROY
Full set of wheel castings.
Foden 3inch scale c type wagon.
Scotts vacuum, flame gulper .
7.25 inch gauge saddle tank loco.
4inch scale road roller.
Roundhouse millie 16mm sm32.
Myford ml10 lathe excellent condition.
Maxitrack Dixie 5 inch loco..
5inch gauge battery locomotive.
Wanted tom senior arbour.
7 2.5 inch ng box van.
5inch gauge lbsc pansy, part built , added august 2012.
5 inch gauge western region 15xx 0-6-0 tank engine.
5inch gauge simplex chassis.
Cheddar models claire.
4inch scale garrett 7nhp.
5inch britannia.
5 inch gauge o2 wanted.
Aster locomotive.
B6 lion wanted.
Wanted 5inch gauge petrol.
7.25 inch bagnall boiler.
Seven and quarter inch gwr armstrong loco.
7.25 inch class 08 or ng 6 coupled.
A one off 5inch guage battery loco.
5inch gauge pannier tank .
Twin cylinder horizontal steam engine.
Live steam gentlemans steam yacht.
Live steam african queen steam boat.
Freelance horizontal mill engine.
Boxhill wanted.
2inch minnie castings .
Sweet pea boiler.
Ride on railways DMU open wagon.
Ride on railways dmu open wagon.
6 inch little sampson.
Modelworks king arthur parts.
Modelworks king arthur parts.
Very rare whitney compound marine engine.
Very rare whitney twin marine steam engine.
Roundhouse bertie 0-4-0 locomotive.
Showmans traction engine in 1.5 inch scale .
Westbury diagonal paddle steam engine.
1903 stanley model c steam car.
Full size foster mechanical lubricator.
5inch gauge rised track driving wagon.
5inch gauge maxitrak dixie.
Stuart Puffin twin cylinder marine engine.
4inch burrell traction engine.
4 inch clayton and shuttleworth traction engine..
Outdoor Model Railways by Martin Evans.
5inch sweet pea 0-4-0 plus tender.
Britannia 5inch.
Accucraft leader locomotive.
Maxitrak simplicity 2.
Wanted 4inch burrell.or foster
Four inch scale foster traction engine.
5 inch gauge aristocraft coaches.
7 and quarter maxitrak lile joe steam loco.
3inch scale burrell traction engine .
Riding coach.
New krick alexandria launch .
One and a half inch burrell scc.
2 inch clayton parts.
Castings for 1.5inch alchin wanted anything considered.
Tool and cutter grinder.
Winson 5inch gauge king arthur kit of 19 parts..
Four inch scale foster traction engine .
Part built basset lowke a3 .
Steam boiler.
Battery 5 inch powerful engine red 8 wheel 4 motor can pull 4 adult no problem.
Ride on railways trojan shunter 5in gauge .
Winson model jubilee class locomotive 5inch gauge part built to 16 of 18 kits..
4 live steam foden steam wagon . Just finished .
5 inch 24 volt simplicity locomotive by maxitrack.
Sweet pea boiler.
1inch minnie for sale or px.
3inch traction engine wanted .
5 inch gauge b1 mayflower 1306.
Great model steam locomotive .
Wanted gwr 0-4-2 dart 7.25 inch.
Old walking beam steam engine.
Loco chimney.
5 inch metro part built.
5inch gauge metro part built.
This is a very rare prototype or possibly a patent model steam engine mid 1800s.
3.5 inch gauge gwr king model locomotive.
Steel cab for sweet william.
Wanted stuart major steam plant .
Part built meter maid 0-6-0 5inch guage.
Drawings for 1.5 inch scc burrell traction engines.
3 1.2 inch gauge lion .
5 inch metropolitan locomotive for sale.
Burrell 6nhp 4inch agricultural engine for sale.
Polly v locomotive .
Sentinel vertical boiler 7 1.4inch loco and driving truck.
5inch gauge battery electric locomotive wanted.
7 2.5 or 5inch well wagon frame.
7.25inch gauge battery electric 0-4-0w.
3.5 inch gauge heilan lassie.
Twin marine engine.
Tich wanted.
Roundhouse boiler.
Fulgurex aster gauge 1 060 pannier tank loco.
2.5inch gauge part built live steam a3 flying scotsmen.
Gauge 1 br standard 4 tank engine with 4 mineral wagons.
Wanted, experienced engineer..
7 and a quater sentinel for sale.
Rare basset lowke 0g steam loco.
Emco compact 8 lathe with milling attachment.
Model boat
Live steam colliery type engine.
6 inch foden c type wagon castings.
Wanted 5inch gauge 22xx drawings.
Gauge one boiler.
Archangel 2.4.0. 16mm narrow gauge 0. Internally fired meth spirit .
7.25 in. Loco riding trolley.
Tandem com. Mill engine.
Wanted - 5inch gauge maid of kent drawings.
Maier stationary engine.
5inch gauge midland 4.4..
5inch gauge midland 4.4..
Portable 5 inch gauge track adaptable to add 2.5 inch gauge..
4inch tasker and traction wagon.
Sweet pea 5inch gauge 0-4-2 Five inch gauge.
North british atlantic.
Maxitrak burrell traction engine.
Steam engine for sale .
Seven and a quarter gauge class 20 locomotive.
5inch gauge simplex.
Wanted .
Part built simplexs.
5 inchgauge b1 mayflower.
5 inch 45xx prairie.
4inch burrell dcc scenic showmans road locomotive.
Burrell traction engine 4inchscale.
Three cylinder radial engine.
Priestman twin cylinder steam engine for restoration.
5inch gauge BR class 33 battery electric locomotive.
Complete b1 for restoration - reassembly .
5inch machine vise.
2.5inch g lner pacific.
5 inch gauge butch 0-6-0t.
Wanted - any engines built by my grandfather, lionel woodhead.
Maxitrak Coronation or Congress.
Maxitrack simplicity 2 .
Aster lgb gauge 1 frank s locomotive.
5 inch gauge coal fired Ajax loco..
7 2.5 inch plank wagon body.
Wanted 5 inch gauge lms tender any condition.
4inch little samson traction engine.
Grasshopper beam engine.
Powerful 7 and quarter guage ride in electric loco.
Part-built 5 inch gauge simplex.
7.25 a1 , a3 pacific .
Wanted 7.25inch a3 loco.
7 .25 a1, a3 pacific .
Neff o-gauge live steam engine.
5inch gauge south african railways 15f..
5 inch
5 inch raised track driving and passenger carriages..
3inch allchin royal chester drawings.
3.5 inch 060 bassett lowke live steam.
Sharp bench top universal milling machine 240 volt.
18 inch long radone chesterman engineers level..
7 1 4 inch gauge battery electric.
Wanted Romulus.
2 inch clayton undertype wagon .
Three and half guage green arrow.
Class 20 bexhill kit completed ready to run.
Sweet pea.
1 to 2 hp steam engine on stand, complete, running..
5inch gauge rail motor 2 .
1 half inch gauge sentinel lorry radio controlled.
5 gauge lms black 5.
5 inch 0-4-2 sweet pea locomotive.
Various gauge 1, mainly asters for sale.
Class 15 diesel loco for sale.
Cheddar Proteus new steam engine and a boiler.
2inch minnie traction engine gears.
3inchscale ransomes threshing machine.
5 inch gauge simplex 0-6-0.
Well engineered 7.25 inch b1 .
3 inch burrell.
Part-built 3.5 inch gauge juliet.
Winson king arthur class.5inch gauge for sale..
Steering worm and wheel.
3inch burrell bevel and pinnions.
5inch polly 1 with tender for sale..
Aster jnr c62 gauge 1 live steam locomotive coal fired.
5 inch gauge butch loco .
16mm scale vale of rheidol by tolhurst model engineers.
Live steam 3.5inch gwr prairie model 2ft long very well made..
7.25inch gauge bogies.
7 14 b1 mayflower.
7 and a quarter inch sweetpea.
Brittania 5inch gauge loco.
2inchcompound burrell, thetford town.
Porter 2-6-0 mogul 3,5inch gauge os engine mfg limited.
Porter 2-6-0 mogul 3,5inch gauge os engine mfg limited.
Washington 5inch reeves 4-4-0.
For sale myford 254v plus lathe complete with myford stand.
For sale myford vm-b vertical milling machine with electronic readout.
3 quarter inch scale michael holden traction engine.
5inch gauge metro part built.
7 14 b1 mayflower.
allchin traction engine 1.5 inch part built with original boiler cert from 2004.
Very well made clarkson beam engine.
7 quarter inch gauge a3 flying scotsman.
Rob roy 3.5in 0-6-0 cr castings and boiler kit .
Myford ml 10 lathe in very good condition .
narrow gauge wren loco.
45 mm live steam roundhouse bertie locomotive.
7 inch cast wheels or 12inch cast wheels
5inch gauge 7 plank wagon kit.
Built circa 1945 5inch gauge 0-6-0 live steam locomotive collectors piece .
York-bolton steam engine kit by historic steam model.
7 1 4 inch sweet william drawings.
Wanted roundhouse or accucraft uk 32mm.
Aml switcher gauge 1
MJ Engineering Bagnall drawings.
Part built Polly V.
3 inch burrell traction engine.
Wanted - small workshop air compressor.
New coal-fired steel boiler plant.
Gauge 1 switcher unlettered black.
Stuart real casting set.
Large steam mill engine model or small full size. Cw water feed pump.
Steam boiler wanted.
1inch minnie traction engine complete.
71/4" gauge class 20 . loco kit
Suffolk dredging tractor 3inchparts and drawings.
Keith wilson dukdog boiler drawing.
5inch gauge torquay manor drawings and parts.
Martin evans 3.5 inch rob roy drawings.
Don young 3.5 inch gwr county 4 4 0 drawings.
Don young 43xx drawings.
Twin cylinder marine steam engine.
Nice horizontal mill engine mounted twin crank with governor.
Stuart turner jack coombes table engine .
5 inch jubilee galatea castings and parts.
5 inch railmotor with tender.
Drawings for electric locomotive 5inch and upwards.
Burrell 4 inch scale single crank compound part built.
5inch 0-4-0 saddle tank engine.
Roundhouse Jack limited edition 32mm or 45mm 0-4-0 gas fired steam loco.
7 1.4 0-4-0 battery electric locomotive.
For sale is a set of 6inch scale c type foden waggon casting 27 in total.
5 inch battery tram engine .
5inch gauge electric loco.
Burrell 3inch single cylinder single speed.
Worden mk 3 tool and cutter grinder.
Romulus 0-6-0.
5inch dolgoch loco to finish,almost complete..
7.25inch gwr bulldog or dukedog parts,castings,drawings.
Stuat 5a stam engine. 15inch high.
5inch 14xx gwr tank engine.
Scale model of economy gas engine.
Early fulmen open pole dynamo.
Large vintage open pole stuart dynamo c. 1910.
5 inch gauge gemma.
Spirit fired traction engine, 1inch maybe markie.
5 inch guage maid of kent boiler.
1inch scale maxitrak showmans engine early uk built version.
Roundhouse mille, 32mm gauge, good price.
5inch gauge garrett locomotive.
Lms f 2 5inch gauge .twin sisters with hydraulic cert..
Fantastic 2inch scale road making set including living van.
5in and 3.5in dual gauge track for sale .
5inch gauge tender or tank locomotive.
5 inch battery tram engine .
4 ins burrell traction engine model world design.
Steam engine gauge glass fittings for full size.
Garrett 4cd 6inch scale.
Stuart castings for twin marine engine.
G scale 32mm kerr stuart brazil.
4inch traction engine flywheel.
Polly 1 steam engine.
3.5 inch scale american loco, corn city.
3.5inch gauge princess marina.
5inch simplex chassis and some boiler parts..
4inch scale ruston and proctor traction engine .
Stuart oil field pump wanted .

Seven quarter inch hercules.
Set of 3 amazing museum quality engines.
Polly 5inch steam engine.
Stuart turner 10h .
-stuart turner 10v vertical engine .
Drawings for ray primes 4inch foden lorry.
Eaton hydrostat model 7.
Brake blocks for a loco.
Lms 3f jinty.
Drawings for major beam.
Clayton 2inch lorry wanted articulated prefered may take a 3inch .
5 inch gauge 040 part built electric shunter.
Stuart turner 501 boiler.
Stuart turner 500 boiler.
5inch gauge duchess 4-6-2.
Aster reno.
3.5inch gauge 0-6-0 simplex tank engine air running chassis, re-listed .
0-6-0 5 inch gauge lbsc pansy.
Winson loco.
Seven and a quarter gauge 0-6-0 koppel loco part built.
2x 24v motors, 250w on adjustable mount.
5 inch freelance 2-6-0 simplex chassis loco with tender.
Aster fulgurex alisan shay no.7 - gauge 1.
3.5inch gauge 0-6-0 simplex tank engine air running chassis.
Simplex boiler.
Cast chimney suitable for narrow gauge 7.25 inch.
Minnie 1 inch scale traction engine.
M.e. Beam engine.
Bassett lowke three-quarter inch scale traction engine.
5inchgauge german locomotive wanted.
Robey horizontal mill engine.
2inch minnie castings and drawings.
For sale 10.25 gauge narrow gauge loco cylinders 3.5 stroke 5.5.
3x a4 live steam locos now discontinuded.
10.25 inch freelance industrial 0-6-0 steam locomotive.
Accucraft f5 steam locomotive.
Cheddar proteus steam engine.
Accucraft steam locomotive.
5 inch gauge sterling single frame.
Accucraft steam locomotive.
Stuart turner beam engine .
1.5inch showmans traction engine.
1 inch burrell road locomotive.
4inch mclaren road loco double b.
Flamefast combined forge and brazing hearth.
Union pacific 4 8 8 4 big boy 7.25 g basic kit incl boiler as detailed below.
3inch scale burrell traction engine.
5 inch gauge pansy.
7 2.5 slate wagon wheels, trolley wheels .
Keyless chuck mt2 unused.
Keyless chuck mt3 unused.
3.5 inch gauge locomotive.
Martin evans j39 motion parts.
4 inch traction engine rear tyres.
5inch gauge ride on railways.
0-4-0 24v 1hp battery electric locomotive.
Martin evans euston 8f 3.5 inch gauge for sale.
Gauge 1 live steam britannia loco for sale.
7.25 inch driving truck.
Allchin royal chester 1.5 inch.
Sharp mk2 bench milling machine,horizontal with vertical head.
Cowells 90 lathe.
Coal-fired steam plant.
Press brake tooling.
6inch compound traction engine 1903 stanley steam car offered in part exchange.
2inch traction engine 80 percent complete.
Saito b3 boiler and burner.
3 coach articulated set - incomplete .
7.25 inch gauge diamond crossing .
Heavy duty aluminium alloy rail, fishplates, sleepers.
3 inch marshall portable.
3 inch marshall.
5 inch super simplex saddle tank gwr.
Wanted f.s.d steam pressure gauge..
Os porter 2-6-0 mogul 3.5 guage.
7.25 gauge 060 steam tank loco, freelance, bassett lowke, ernest a steel.
Class 08 bodyshell.
Tich small boiler.
Lbsc 5 inch gauge pansy .
Track for sale 32mm gauge.
Coal fired live steam plant.
Gwr tank loco.
Wanted milling machine.
2inch scale burrell showmans tractor.
Maxitrack 19mm alloy 5inch gauge point kit.
4 inch foster .
5in tank engine steam.
Locomotives large and small by don young.
4inch scale part built traction engine wanted .
1inch 1 ft scale agricultural model traction engine .
4.5 inch foden c type waggon.
Boiler or boiler kit wanted.
Stuart no. 4 type engine.
1inch maxitrak burrell coal fired .
1.5inch allchin traction engine - nearly finished.
Tinkerbell wanted.
4 inch single crank compound cylinder block wanted.
Hielan lassie.
0.4.0 electric shunter.
Drawings and book for lbsc 3.5inch virginia.
5 inch gauge driving trolley rasied track and ground level use.
Crankshaft blank for 3inch marshall traction engine.
Rushton sd light tractor. 2
Markie steam engine.
3.5 gauge hunslet quarry model live steam locomotive.
3.5inch tender loco.
3.5 inch gauge coal fired 0-6-2 mona tank locomotive.
3.5 inch gauge coal fired 2-6-4 stanier tank locomotive..
Milling machine .
Pamela locomotive plans.
Live steam a4 4-6-2 fully machined kit 00 gauge.
5inch driiving trolley.
Set of h r plastow or lion eng drawings for 2 inch scale fowler showmans eng.
0-6-0 5 inch gauge locomotive for restorance.
Vm 26 turret mill with 2 axis dro as new virtually unused.
Wanted plans for an 0-6-2 mona 3.5 inch gauge.
Beautifully made coal fired live steam plant.
For sale br standard class 4 castings.
4 live steam burrell scenic showmans engine part built stw..
2 inch scale foden steam wagon.
5inch gauge 0-4-0 chub style tank locomotive.
Ransomes sims and jefferies traction engine.
York bolton steam plant, live steam engine.
5inch gauge modelworks kit locomotive.
New 7 1.4 inch flatbed wagon.
Drawings or model of 5 inch shantipur ng bagnall.
7 1 4 gauge romulus steam railway locomotive train with track carriages trailer.
2.5 inch part built locomotive and tender.
Martin Evans Jubilee tank.
7.25 gauge gwr gooch 440 live steam tender locomotive.
5inch micheal breeze stanier duchess parts and castings.
1.5 inch scale traction engine, allchin in green..
Aster alison older type shay.
3.5inch live steam atlantic engine locomotive w. Tender.
Roundhouse billy .
4 inch scale foster. Brilliant steamer.
Large plastows wallis and stevens roller.
Aster guage 1 gwr pannier tank.
Driving truck.
08 loco .
Plans for marshall 7nhp general purpose traction engine to 3inch scale.
7.25 gauge class 31.
Marie 5 inch gauge locomotive by don young .
12 inch weir pump.
Miniature railway aluminium rail .
5 inch gauge minx lbsc design.
Petrolea 2-4-0 3.5inch tender engine by lbsc.
Maxitrak pearl 7.25 steam loco - new boiler certificate..
1inch burrell road loco macitrak coal fired kit part built.
Zettlemeyer steam roller.
5inch part built martin evans jinty.
5inch part built martin evans jinty.
040 electric loco 7 and a quarter guage.
4inch scale portable engine .
Circa 1890 vertical banjo steam pumping engine.
Circa 1890 single cylinder vertical steam engine built by royles.
7 qtr inch gauge 0 4 0 saddle tank steam locomotive jessie .
G1 garratt accucraft maroon..
5inch gauge evening star kit.
Kings own royal scot 5inchgauge live steam locomotove.
5 inch gauge auto coach unmade modelworks kit.
Metal stand.
5inch gauge ground and raised track braked driving trolley.
B1 wanted.
Half-size sentinel-style undertype steam wagon..
Immaculate 5inch gauge sweet pea and dedicated driving truck..
stuart steam collection.
Chester craftsman lathe.
5 inch gauge steam loco, 0-4-0.
4inch scale burrell 6nhp agricultural engine for sale .
4inch burrell scc parts.
1860s barrows and carmichael portable steam engine for sale.
Approx 1500 feet of combined 3 and a half inch and 5 inch gauge used track.
Sweet pea.
Gauge 1 live steam D 49 locomotive..
Part built 3 inch scale burrell traction engine.
Steam fittings.
Wanted winson 5 inch gauge jubilee frames.
7.25inch class 42 warship loco with twin ac drive system 6hp.
2 inch foden waggon.
1inch traction engine.
2inch traction engine.
5inch gauge live steam 280 tender loco, martin evans, nigel gresley, lner.
horizontal steam engine and boiler.
5 inch gauge manchester metrolink tram unpowered .
1inch scale minnie.
5 inch gauge unbraked driving truck.
Compound cylinder wanted ..
Engine wanted.
3.5inch gauge b1 boiler wanted.
Stirling 8 foot single locomotive.
7.25 040 singapore castings and drawings.
Santa fe 6w-6w petrol hydraulic locomotive with driving truck.
Gw county 4.6.0.
5 inch gauge ride on passenger wagon.
4 inch scale burrell type wagon .
4 inch scale living van flatpack.
Mountaineer .
Wonderfull, large, freelance mill engine with boiler feed pump.
5 inch class 08 for sale.
Alco tank 0-6-0 gauge 1 live steam loco.
Steam engine chassis.
York-bolton mill engine and steam plant.
30 meters of 21mm alloy rail.
2inch case live steam traction engine.
Maxitrak swallow .
3.5 inch gauge tich.
L. B. S. C. Mona 0-6-2 chassis - 3.5 inch gauge.
2.5 gauge flying scotsman.
Keith wilson designed 7.25 gauge gwr pannier tank live steam loco.
Hielan lassie chassis - 3.5inch gauge.
3.5inch part built 4-6-2 britannia and tender.
Five inch diameter vertical coal-fired boiler.
4 inch mclaren road loco.
7.25 gauge 040 petrol hydraulic shunter with tender.
Dart boiler wanted.
Quick step mill.
5 inch gauge bogies.
6inch scale tasker a1 traction engine and transporting trailer..
5inch gauge riding truck.
Part built 7.25 9f.
Part built dart seven and a quater loco.
3inch burrell.
4inch scale water cart .
5inch ground level driving truck.
6inch savage little samson steam tractor.
Miniature traction engine cover.
Axminster mill.
4 inch scale foster.
4.25inch gas fired steam loco for restorance.
7 and a quarter inch battery electric 0-4-0.
3inch scale marshall s type traction engine - part built.
Super simplex drawings.
Myford ml7.
Wood clad water tank and pump.
Boiler feed pump.
3.5 inch gauge lbsc doris boiler.
3.5 part built hall class steam loco..
7.25 inch class 40 diesel locomotive b.r.green..
Part built, single crank compound 1.5inch burrell.
Part built 5 inch enterprise 262 loco.
4inch burrel.
2in clayton steam wagon with trailer.

Alchin tyres.
Part built burrell 4and half inch traction engine.
4 inch foster traction engine.
B1 5 inch gauge.
7.25inch 14xx dart locomotive for sale.
Union pacific 7.25g 4 8 8 4 big boy kit. Advance notice, photos to follow.
Dewalt dw738 2 speed bandsaw.
4inch freelance foden.
3 inch burrell for sale.
Aster gauge 1 pannier tank.
3inch burrell steam traction engine.
B1 locomotive.
Lner b1 locomotives..
The mary beam engine.
Roundhouse lady anne .
Complete 10 1 4 inch gauge flying scotsman.
Stuart major beam engine.
3.5 inch britannia boiler.
3.5 inch Britannia chassis..
4 jaw 6 inch chuck, on myford backplate.
Cotswold heritage avon model marine engine and boiler.
Atlantic maisie 3.5 inch gauge.
3.5 inch mabel boiler.
5 inch gauge petrol engined locomotive.
Magazines for sale.
Charlatan drawings.
Incomplete mona 3.5 gauge train.
Parts for kozo hiraokas climax in 3.5 inch gauge .
For sale colchester chipmaster lathe.
1.5inch marshall portable boiler and castings for sale.
Stuart turner sygnet marine engine.
Wanted an electric generator.
12v steam raiser.
Roundhouse millie 16mm o gauge live steam locomotive with extras.
5inch gauge dukedog.
5 inch gauge martin evans jinty boiler.
3.5inch maisie chassis.
5inch braked driving trolley raised track.
Reeves unicorn information.
Little samson universal carrier wagon castings, drawings..
Horizontal marine centre flue boiler with southworth pump castings..
4 inch foster traction engine.
5inch gauge pansy drawings wanted.
Accucraft edrig live steam locomotive.
5 inch gauge saddletank locomotive.
Sar class 15f 3.5inch gauge .
Information on mallet locomotives.
Full set of drawings for 5 inch b1 springbok.
Denford viceroy lathe tds 1.1 .
Three and a half inch gauge 0 4 0 juliet locomotive.
1903 stanley model c runabout steam car.
2inch traction engine 90 percent complete.
Gwr 4-4-0 tender locomotive.
Gwr 1400 side tank engine 5 inch gage.
Clayton steam lorry.
Bassett loake super enterprise gauge o steam.
5inch martin evans lms 3f jinty.
5 inch gauge speedy br class 1500 locomotive..
3.5inch lbsc four wheel one man driving truck.
Allchin royal chester wanted.
4inchscale durham and north yorkshire traction engine.
Wheel castings for 10.25 gauge loco and tender..
5inch maxitrak swallow cadbury.
7.25 american 4-4-0 loco.
5inch gauge speedy.
Large model stationary steam engine wanted.
Complete stuart turner major beam kit.
Bellis and morcom single cylinder engine with dynamo.
5 inch gauge br howich crab locomotive 2-6-0.
3.5 inch juliet for sale.
Mh and b topaz steam launch.
Topaz steam launch.
Unique gauge 1 k bay live steam loco hand built by carl wadkin-snaith..
Raglan mill machine.
40 lengths of tenmille g gauge, 45mm, brass track in 5 length bundles.
Two 1 inch scale minnie tractors.
Very very rare 2.5inch gauge3 basset lowke 4-4-0 live steam.
Bagnall tank locos 5inch gauge .
3.5inch inch gauge princess marina.
Genuine village pump.
Wanted allchin 1 or 1.5 scale model traction engine coplete must run.
Steam engine marin.
3.5inch gauge lms mogul.
Lbsc maisie great northern atlantic professionally built 3.5 inch little used.
Gauge 1 g 0-4-0 tank kopple loco.
5 inch gauge br class 4 tank doug hewson design part built.
5inch ariel merchant navy part built.
3.5inch gauge great western mogul.
Roundhouse Eng Live Steam 'Carrie'
Allchin 1 1.5 inch scale .
Dual gauge 5 and 3.5inch raised steel circle of track 20mx20m.
Aster hobby, liverpool and manchester railway lion.
Forsale axminster sieg c2a 300 mini lathe.
Martin evans euston 8f 3.5 inch gauge for sale.
5inch gauge battery electric diesel shunter.
Two new 7.25 narrow gauge locos with driving tenders.
Mountaineer .
7.25 9f chassis and tender.
Wanted 5 inch gauge j39.
5 inch gauge sweet pea locomotive.
5 inch gauge sweet pea locomotive.
Small marine engine and boiler..
Alfred dodman 4inch traction engine.
Boiler for 5inch gauge butch.
4inch garrett traction engine.
5 inch battery railbus - something different..
Live steam a4 00 gauge kit fully machined hand tools only to complete.
5inch gauge b1.
7.25 9f cassis and tender.
1 inch scale minnie traction engine..
Polly 1v 0-6-0 tender loco.
4 and half inch burrell single cylinder on rubbers.
5 inch class 33 for sale.
Lner 0-6-0 tank loco 3.5inch g..
Gas engine.
Rectilinear engine.
B1 loco.
Wallis and steevens simplcity roller in 3inch scale.
Heavy duty sprung couplings - ng style.
Full set of 2inch durham and north yorkshire traction engine castings.
Simplex boiler.
Roedene 3.5 gauge.
Wanted polly 1 , 3 or 5.
Well engineered stuart beam engine.
Electric loco for sale.
Stuart beam engine. Almost complete set of parts.
2 large 3 inch dia tich boilers .
Keith hartley driving truck.
5 inch gauge auto coach set of 5 unmade kits modelworks..
6inch showman maclaren.
5 inch gauge gwr bulldog by keith wilson.
4inch mclaren traction engine.
A3 flying scotsman 5 inch gauge live steam.
2 inch part build lincolnshire lad boiler .
5 inch simplex with certs .
Stuart twin victoria..
Maid of kent - l1 class - 5inch gauge - for sale.
Sturgess and towlson reversing marine v engine quarter size.
5 inch gauge. L. N. E. R diesel shunter loco.
LBSC doris parts.
7.25 inch gauge wisbech and upwell tram engine.
Wanted 5inch gauge maxitrak F7 B unit. No cab .
Twin cylinder weir steam driven water pump..
Locomobile type 2 cylinder engine, virtually finished , owner deceased..
3.5inch gauge Juilet with driving trolley and wagon.
Sweet pea 5inch gauge .
5 inch riding.driving truck.
7.25 inch marie estelle.
5 inch north british railways atlantic.
Part built 3.5 inch gauge jinty, almost complete, drawings included.
Burrell 3inch scale traction engine . Used in good condition.
0.75 inch scale, gas fired. Allchin traction engine..
3.5 inch thomas [re-listed due to time waster].
Stuart 5 a.
Maxitrak ruston.
5 inch gauge maxitrak ruston.
6 inch southworth weir pump.
Running locomotive or traction engine .
4inch traction engine.
5 inch gauge 5xp for sale.
5inch gauge part built don young hunslet.
5inchgauge ride on brake truck ,braked .
Speedy, part built.
Weir boiler feed pump.
Massey ferguson caradoc steam tractor 4inch scale.
0-8-0 alco heavy switcher 0 gauge.
Boxford collet set .
Eva may drawings and castings.
Stuart major beam engine .
3.5 inch gauge county class gwr 4 6 0 loco.
Bellis and morcom single cylinder engine with dynamo.
3inch 4inch 6inch traction engines or lorries and locos.
5 inch j39 stratford boiler.
Accucraft live steam 45mm 0-4-0t edrig.
Offered repairs or finishing steam locos.
Maxwell hemmens steam roller with living van.
Maxwell hemmens steam roller and living van.
Wants a 5inch class 08 electric.
Wanted 5inch or 3 1.2 driving truck for under 75 pounds .
1903 marshall britannia type portable.
Wanted 3.5inch or 5inch 0 4 0 hunslet charles from penrhyn quary.
Railmotor loco castings, 5-inch gauge .
5inch gauge 0-4-0 saddle tank engine and tender wagon.
Boiler test rig.
2 in. Clayton lorry bits.
For sale. 5inch simplex loco. Just been rebuilt and repainted.
Stanier duchess .
3.5 inch gauge rob roy 0-6-0 wheel arrangemant tank type locomotive 54 cm long.
Wanted part built maid of kent.
3.5 inch track re-listed.
3.5 inch virgina re-listed.
sweet william boiler.
For sale.
4inch scale burrell traction engine .
Double fairlie drgw live steam loco 16mm or gauge 1.
Wanted set of drawings for 5inch torquay manor.
5inch gauge jubilee.
5 inch trojan electric for sale.
Accucraft beyer-garratt live steam..
7.25 romulous for sale , nice condition.
Wanted 7.25inch modelworks a3.
4.5 inch scale wallis and steevens simplicity roller parts.
4inch scale rubber tyre material for sale.
Aveling porter eight ton compound slide valve steam roller .
3.5 inch virgina.
3.5 inch track.
4inch scale baler.
New 5 inch gauge ground level points for sale.
Loco . B1 5 inch.
5 inch guage a4.
For sale boxford lathe.
3.5 inch lion 0-4-2 nearly finished..
Jeavons 5 in gauge battery loco.
1 and a half inch allchin traction engine.
Static working steam plant.
Gwr 4-4-0 gauge 1..
Locomotive castings .
5inch gauge schools class locomotive.
5inch bulldog castings.
A1 lner pacific 3 .5 inch gauge.
5inch guage battery powered bo-bo deisel wanted.
Colchester bantam lathe parts.
Me beam engine,very nice model.
Gauge 3 or 2.5 inch gauge sentinel locomotive.
5inch 0-6-0 butch live steam locomotive.
5inch gauge 0-6-0 r1 .
3 1 2 inch gauge tich.
3.5 inch virgina.
3.5 inch gauge scale coal fired live steam inchcanterbury lambinch.
Boxford me10 lathe.
Gwr 14xx for sale.
Stuart stationary steam plant .
3 inch scale atkinson flatback steam lorry.
4 wheel 5 inch gauge driving truck.
Wanted.5 inch gauge gwr saint.29xx loco drawings and parts.
5inch sweet pea
3.5inch a2 pacific locomotive with 8 wheel tender.
3 inch foden 6 ton tractor and artic trailer.
5 inch simplex castings wanted.
Scripta engraving machine.
3inch scale atkinson steam lorry.
2 inch scale clayton steam wagon wanted.
4.5inch scale foden c-type.
Marcher marine steam engine.
Engines for sale.
Engine for sale.
Myford super 7b lathe.
For sale.
Lms jubilee 5inch by tony allcock.
3.5 inch gauge bogies wanted.
Ruston hornsby 6vq diesel engine.
Hunslett loco.
3.5 in juliet coal fired live steam 0-4-0 .
5inch gauge 0-6-0 battery shunter.
3 and a half inch gauge king arthur parts and castings.
Stuart turner live steam beam engine .
7and a quater guage mini lucky 7 .
6inch foden steam wagon castings.
Circa 1880 bryan donkin stationary steam engine.
3.5inch gauge live steam gwr iris loco.
Stuart james coombes..
5inch gauge ajax 040 loco.
3 inch burrell.
Stuart d10 .
4f freight 0.6.0. Tender loco.
5inch guage hymek or class 33 wanted.
Modelworks 5 inch gauge gwr autocoach kit.
2,6,0 polly 5inch tender loco brand new.
7.25 sweet william.
Large 12.25inch hydraulic diesel.
3 and half inch tender.
Aveling and porter 3inch maxitrak steam road tractor.
3.5 inch gauge 0-4-0 lbscs tich live steam locomotive..
3.5 inch ground level driving truck for overhauling.
5 inch gauge butch .
Hieland lassie 3.5ins gauge, job lot, part built.
Martin evans conway.
130 foot of raised portable 3 and half inch track.
Flying scotsman A 3 live steam. 5inch gauge.
Stand , trolley.
Reeves victoria twin..
Sweet pea.
Kerr stuart 0-4-2st live steam locomotive.
7.25 gauge dart 0-4-2 by martin evans.
Drawings for 3 and a half inch gauge lner l1.
Universal joint.
5inch gauge minx castings.
5inch gauge class 37 diesel .
Steam marine engine.
Sirena 5 inch sentinel shunter.
5inch exibition quality brittania 70013, .
Stuart d10 .
7 1.4 14xx.
7.25 inch german bravian ml2[2 .
Mamod steam railway. SL3.
Rob roy castings.
2inch fowler showmans engine.
5in. Guage b1 springbock.
5inch boiler for shay loco.
Tender or small driving trolley for 5inch gauge sweet pea..
3inch sentinel freelance wagon.
Me undertype engine by h a tayler.
5inch simplex.
Clayton steam lorry.
Wanted 1 inch scale burrell propane or coal fired traction engine.
4.5inch scale foden c-type.
3.5 inch gauge 0-4-0 lbscs juliet live steam locomotive.
4inch burrell traction engine.
3.5inch gauge juliet 2 live steam engine 0-4-0.
5inch part built britannia 4-6-2.
5inch part built g.w.r. Metro tank with copper boiler.
7.25 inch gauge class 09 petrol powered shunter.
Cowell half inch drilling machine.
Gauge 3 live steam 4 6 0 loco for restoration.
Cylinder block.
Stuart major beam engine.
5inch britannia loco.
Stuart turner beam engine .
5inch gauge a4 modelworks kits.
Markie burrell ploughing engine and trailer.
Gauge 1 dot .
3.5 inch gauge clarkson gresley pacific castings and drawings.
4inch scale traction wagon.
Class 37 for sale.
7.25 inch gauge singapore castings and drawings.
4inch scale foster traction engine.
Class 37 for sale.
Stuart beam engine.
3.5inch gauge black five boiler wanted.
Southern tender.
Reeves trojan mk.2 vertical steam engine with twin gear-driven boiler feed pumps.
1.5 inch allchin traction engine nearly finished..
3inch or 4inchtraction eninge .
Juliet and track.
5inch maid of kent.
Part built speedy.
Winson jubilee parts or drawings wanted.
Brass or bronze propellor 17inch dia.steamboat.
Minx 5inch g lbsc.
5inch gauge minx .
Wanted vertical boiler.
Complete 5inch gauge train set.
Merchant Navy 5
Wanted steam lorry.
Stuart double 10 steam engine..
M.e.beam engine well made from reeves castings.
Kennet tool grinder castings wanted.
Mike brown 1 h.p. Steam engine.
5ins guage midland single.
Stuart d10 steam plant.
Class 37 deisel.
Midge 7.25 copper boiler wanted.
2 inch free lance foden.
Brass 6 note chime whistle.
New stuart 10v with reverse gear.
Roundhouse Forney loco.
Miniature landrover.
Flying scotsman A 3 live steam.
3.5 gauge exhibition quality 460 black five as new condition.
Mig welder.
3inch burrell compound.
Polly-v 2-6-0 saddle-tank loco, 5inchg, virtually completed..
3.5 gauge exhibition quality 460 black five as new condition.
Polly 1 5in gauge kit-built tank loco..
Horizontal boiler .
Drawings for sale.
Complete portable steam garden railway.
Two inch foden steam engine.
Stuart no4 engine with feed pump .
Full size horizontal mill steam engine circa 1880.
Archangel brick 0-4-0 16mm scale gauge 0 gas fired, new condition..
2.5 flying scotsman.
South western railway platform lamp.
Steam engine drawings .
Miniature steam engine drawings unused condition unless stated.
Sruart turner marine boiler.
5in. Scale crane bogey.
Seven and a quarter wheels.
Minnie traction engine 1 scale.
7 14 roedeer b1 chass or any br chass wanted.
Early model steam engine circa 1900.
3.5 inch hunslette rolling chassis by don young.
Steam complex 1 high speed engine.
7 14 black 5 chass and tender chass.
Complete ride on railway, 5 gauge.
Tender for 5 gauge sweet pea.
Staurt turned d10 - the double ten.
Archangel gauge one 044 s and d live steam spirit fited locomotive.
Seven and a quarter narrow gauge locomotives and rolling stock.
5gauge leander 60percent part built.
Sweet pea tender wheels.
Rare 3.5 g lner l1 tank loco.
Message from webmaster, avoid scammers reminder.
Mj engineering bagnall parts 7.25.
Markie scenic showmans engine and matching water tank tender for sale.
3.5 don young 4f.
Rare lner l1 tank loco..
Rare 3.5 g lner l1tank loco.
A really stunning engine..
Unique Compound stationary engine.
10.25 inch tri-ang set.
Stuart turner boiler feed pump.
Quick step mill.
Quick step mill.
Stuart turner marine bolier and feed pump.
Stuart turner model dynamo.
Stuart turner double 10 - d10.
7.25 hermes 0-6-0.
1.24th scale atmospheric rotative beam engine.
1.24th scale exhibition steam engine.
Rubber tyres for Allchin.
Mill-drill for sale.
7 1 4 gauge virginia .
5 inch king arthur 4-6-0 tender engine kit.
Sweet pea unmachined cylinder castings.
A4 7 and a quarter inch gauge.
Rob roy.
Royal scot tender.
5 inch gauge sweet pea locomotive.
5 gauge gwr auto coach.
Fullsize vertical steam engine.
Drummond tender locomotive.
3 wallis and stevens simplicity roller.
7.25 tug locomotive wanted.
2ft narrow gauge railway equipment wanted.
Large steam plant.
2 scale burrell gold medal compound traction engine.
Martin evans green queen s15 .
6 scale foden steam lorry.
Stuart turner 10v part built.
Stuart turner casting kit for 7a.
Part built stuart turner twin launch engine.
Stuart turner steam pump casting.
Stuart turner d10 reverse gear castings.
Scale 2 traction engine.
Large marine twin cylinder steam piston engine.
Stuart turner d10 set of castings.
Mamod traction engine and trailer.
Lynton and barnstaple locomotive in 3.5 inch.
Warco lathe.
1.5 burrell traction engine exhibition quality by bassett lowke.
5 inch gauge maxitrack 0 4 0 diesel shunter type loco.
Displacement lubricator.
5 guage metre maid framescastings.
Allchin 4 inch.
Winson 5 king arthur.
Winson 5 king arthur.
5 inch simplex.
A complete beginners 3.5 inch railway .
5 inch driving truck.
5 gauge polly 2 0-4-0 tender loco.
Rubber tyes.
7.25 in. Gauge points.
5 gauge points and or pnp sleepers.
7.25 inch gauge bogies.
3.5 inch complete raiwlay.
3.5inch steam loco with valid certificated
Mountaineer in 3.5 inch gauge.
Axle feed pump for 5 simplex.
5 gauge standard 4 tank boiler wanted.
5 part built g.w.r. Metro tank with copper boiler.
Drawings .
5 inch driving truck [ground and raised track].
3.5 gauge gwr 4 4 0 county.
Sweet pea castings plus parts.
5 gauge class 35 hymek petrol engine driven, radio controlled..
Raised track driving car wanted.
5 inch gauge ajax.
5 driving trolley wanted.
5 inch gauge b r standard class 5.
Drill press.
Tools and upright boiler pressure gauge etc.
5 inch raise track driving truck.
7.25 romulus .
7 qtr inch gauge hymec electric b0 b0 locomotive and sit on driving truck.
5 inch gauge vale of ffestiniog electric b0 b0 locomotive.
Sweet pea chssis etc.
Winchester gauge i aster. Live steam. Never fired .
Deutz - gas engine - four stroke engine - model engine.
Lanz model. Bulldog. Four stroke engine. Very nice..
Daimlers riding car - model with four-stroke engine. Unique..
Large live steam tractor..
Gas - model engines and live steam models.
Part built 3.5inch gauge great western king.
Part built 5 britannia.
Trailer in 4 scale.
New mechanical lubricator.
Stuart turner star.
5 inch bogied ground level driving truck.
Two 5 inch gauge bogies.
5 inch ground level driving truck.
312inch gauge william 2.6.2 locomotive.
Very sturdy 7 and quarter driving truck.
Steel boiler tube.
Freelance 3.5 inch steam loco.
Fine scale traction wagon.
New 3.5 inch tich with valid certificates.
Superb antique hitn miss engine.
Marine steam engine for 18 foot launch.
Merlin portable agricultural engine.
Samson narrow gauge loco .
iron ore tippler waggon .
Tich milled cylinder castings.
Rare mendip gas or coal boiler.
Sterling automatic air compresser.
Peppercorn k1 mogul five inch gauge castings and parts.
Wanted freelance 6inch traction engine.
For sale proxxon ff400 micro miller with feed handwheel.
3.5 inch britannia solway firth.
Netta tender locomotive in three and a half inch gauge.
York-bolton, steam plant and mill engine .
0-4-0 roundhouse darjeeling loco with remote control..
Myford trileva ml7 lathe.
5 bogied ground level driving truck.
5 simplex.
New certificated 3.5 tich.
Stuart 6a unmachined set of castings not complete .
Vrenli 5 gauge.
2-4-2 radial lanky tank part built 5g.
Myford vm-e milling machine. New in 1997. Lovely..
5 inch pug with cheddar boiler. Not a kit..
Traction engine.
Live steam 1 inch scale minnie traction engine.
Foden 3 inch scale c type steam waggon.
Very rare model mill engine.
Superb 7.25 g de-winton type loco.
Stuart turner victoria mill engine.
Gwr 3500 gal tank and frame kit of parts.
3 burrell.
Wanted by website owner myford milling machine.
Exceptional me beam engine.
1 inch scale minnie coal fired traction engine.
Radiguet upright 1890.
2 scale fowler showmans engine wembley bronze medal winner.
7.25 pannier tank loco.
Tuxford overhead crank live steam engine.
Stuart turner d10.
Aster br78 engine.
5 inch bogies.
6 inch foden showman lorry.
3 inch scale aveling and porter steam roller.
Large tallow cup oiler.
5 enterprise.
5 exhibition quality 040 ajax locomotive.
4in burrell traction engine 13500gbp.
Paddle steamer monarch for auction.
3.5 new tich.
5 inch gauge ground level track.
5inch enterprise castings .
Sweet pea copper boiler wanted.
Gauge 1 juliet.
2 scale fowler princess showmans engine .
3.5g model of a midland railway 4-4-0.
5 gauge sweet pea.
Myford super 7 tailstock .
3 1.2 inch gauge ivatt class 2 tank engine.
Lms Diesel Shunter
5in.gauge Ajax Loco O4o.
2in. Clayton wagon
Stuart Turner in.siriusin.
Lister Tank Cooled
Ingeco Oil Engine Tank Cooled
5 Inch Gauge Gwr King Charles
Gauge 1 Class 66
4 1/2 Scale Sentinel Steam Lorry
5in. Gauge Tich
5 Inch Metro
4in. Burrell Traction Engine +trailier
Old Horizontal Steam Engine
4 1/2in. Burrell, P/b £1950 Ovno
Bassett-lowke Tank Engine 0-6-0
Polly 2 Rolling Chassis
Minnie Traction Engine 1in. Scale
5in. Gauge Sweet Pea
Vertical Steam Engine With Reverse
5in. Inch Gauge Live Steam LNER B1 Loco
5in Gauge Polly 1 Tank Loco
V2 Green Arrow
5in. Gauge Simplex
5in. Gauge 0.6.0 Gswr Live Steam Loco
5in. Gauge in.simplexin. Live Steam Locomotive
08 Shunter Diesel Injectors
5in. Class 33 Battery Loco For Sale
5in. Gauge Stanier Class 4mt
Good Vintage Twin Cylinder Marine Engine
Stuart Turner Beam Engine
Superb Model Of 1890
4in./4.5in. Engine Spokes
Wilesco D409 Showmans
Top Quality Stuart No. 9 Mill Engine
Marie Estelle
5in. Gauge Gwr Greenly Hall
5in. Gauge Black 5
Just Completed 4in. Scale Burrell
Clayton 2” Scale Artic Live Steam Lorry.
Steam world international foden.
Reeves Parts For 5 Gauge Springbok
5in. Gauge Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0 4qd,24volt
3 1/2 in. Titch Part Built
7 1/4 Part Built Modified Romulus
Simplex 5in Gauge Locomotive
Gauge 1 Track Wanted
5in. Gauge Britannia
31/2in. in.lillain.
Wyvern 40cc Petrol Engine
Steam Launch Sl Lady Beatrice
5in. Simplex
4in. Foster Traction Engine
3.1/2 Narrow Gauge Tank Loco
HO Gauge 4-8-2 Mountain Locomotive
3.1/2in. Narrow Guage Tank Loco
4 Inch Burrell
4in. Burrell Dcc Road Loco
Galloways Non Dead Centre Steam Engine
5 Inch Gauge Speedy
Various Loco Bits
Stuart Turner in.siriusin.
32mm Roundhouse Vale Of Rhediol
5in. Gauge Lner J39
Various Steam Engines
3.5in. G Juliet
5in. Gauge Sirena
Belliss & Morcom Stationary Steam Engine
Complete Garden Railway 5in./3.5in.
Beautiful Sar 15f Loco 4-8-2
Winson 1400 Kit
Collection Of Live Steam
3 1/2in. Gauge
Senior in.ein. Type Mill
2 Stroke Steam Engine + Electric Gen.
2 X Burrell Ploughing Engines
Cowells Lathe
City Of Truro 3.5 Inch Gauge

A J Reeves Twin Marine Engine
Stirling Single 5in. Gauge Steam Loco
Allchin 1.5in. Traction Engine Part Built
Drummond Lathe
3in. Allchin Traction Engine
3in. Burrell Traction Engine
Wanted Parts For 5 in. Loco
Track For Sale
31/2in. Engine & Tender Chassis
31/2in. Boiler For Brittania Class
Class 20 Locomotive
1.5in. + Minnie Traction Engine
Stuart 5a Vertical Steam Engine
3in. Burrell Traction Engine
Maxitrack, Aveling & Porter Traction Eng
7 1/4in.g Lilla
Alchin 3in. Royal Chester Traction Engine
Burrell 6nhp Traction Engine Castings
Simpson Strickland Launch Engine1880
Mumford Launch Engine
Donkey Engine
3.5 Inch 2-6-0 Marina
Steam Engine 0 - 4 - 0
31/2in. Virginia
Trevithick Locomotive
Vintage Model Engine
Single Cylinder Gas Engine
Bb18 1/4
Cowells 90me Lathe
Brittania 3.5 Inch Gauge Excellent
Cowells 90 Me Lathe
Fowler Showmans
New 5 inch Narrowgauge Battery Locos
Weeden 14 Early Model
Simplex 0 - 6 - 0 5in. Locomotive.
Displacement Lubricator
5in. Gauge Simplex
7 1/4 Gauge 0-4-0 Tender Loco
Clarkson Of York Vertical Steam Engine
Collet Chuck
Stugess And Towlson `v` Marine Engine.
Exquisite Engine Bodkin No 2 By B.peake
Olympiade 2.5in. 4-6-0
5in.guage BR Class 37 Locomotive.
5in. Gauge Wren Type Steam Loco
7.25in. Gauge Steam Locomotive Romulus
3.5 Inch Live Steam Engine (virginia)
3.5in. 4f Chassis Wanted
2in. Burrell Steam Engine
Denford Orach
7.25 Slate Wagons
5in. Gauge in.polly 2in. 0-4-0 Tender Loco
Britannia 5in. Gauge
10in. Peumatic Tyre Trailer Wheels New
1890 Clark Chapman Duplex Steam Engine
3 1/2in. Stanier Jubilee Tank Loco
2inch Thetford Town Boiler Kit
5\in. Gauge Boxhill 0-6-0
Tom Senior Major Milling Machine.
3 1/2 Titfield Coper Boiler Unfinished.
Acid Bath Up 5in. Size, On Wheels
5in. Class 37 Locomotive In Br Green
Stannair 4-6-0 5in. Gauge Kit
Steam Engine
Loco For Sale
Traction Engine Tyres
7 1/4 Inch Gauge 0-4-0 Koppel Engine
Stuart Williamson Castings
Part Built G.w.r. 41xx Tank Loco.
Live Steam 3.5 Inch Guage Loco

Stuart Turner 7a
Stationary Steam Plant On Trolley
Stuart Turner No8
Complete Railway For Sale
3 1/2in. Gauge Juliett
Model Traction Engine
5in. Gauge Springbok Boiler
5in. Sweet Pea With Tender
Wyvern Petrol Engine
4 1/2in. Burrell
2 1/2 Inch Gauge Locomotive
L N E R B1
4.5in. Guage Locomotive
5 Inch L N E R B1 For Sale
5in. Gauge Jubilee Kit
Large 2.5 10ton Burrell-very Rare
5in. Dmu, 1 Motor Car + 3 Trailers
3.5 0 4.0 Loco Conway Ng
3 1/2in. Gauge Coal-fired Tich Locomotive
3 1/2in. Gauge Coal-fired Julie Locomotive
4.5 Inch Burrell Traction Engine
1927 Marshall Portable 5 N.h.p.
17in. Beam Pumping Engine.
3 1/2in.gauge A2 Pacific Locomotive
Model dynamo suit stuart engines.
5in. Simplex Chassis
Beugler Deluxe Paintwork Pinstriping Kit
Markie Traction Engines And Plough Set
Ingersoll Rand 300 Litre Compressor
Small Steam Engine For Workshop
5in. Sweetpea

Tina Engine For Sale
Aster Duchess Kit
Stationary 100hp Steam Engine 150hp Boi
Polly IV Full Hydraulic Cert
Miniature Pressure Guages
5in. Speedy Locomotive Excellent.
Myford Vertical Milling Slide
Myford Vertical Milling Slide
5in.guage Saint Bits
3 1/2in. Gauge Lms 2-6-2 Tank Engine
Live Steam Lms Jubilee 3 1/2in. Gauge
3in. Burrel Traction Engine
Boat Steam Engine
Scale Model Of Smith Rodley Steam Crane
Strigon Pantograph Die Sinker/engraver
Marine / Stationary Engine. - Australia.
Stuart Turner 500 Boiler
Tender Loco
B1 Lner Locomotive 5in. Gauge
3.5 King
Burrell Traction Engine
Live Steam Tank Loco
3in. Foden Wagon Castings
Markie Gas Fired Traction Engine ,unused
5 Inch Gauge Jubilee
5in. Britannia Boiler
Loco Frames
Part Built 5 In.guage Enterprise
Pride Of Penrhyn
4 In Garrett
Little Sampson
5in.gauge Aristocraft Br Coaches
Pride Of Penrhyn
Stuart Turner D10
2 1/2in. Gauge Steam Locomotive
Aster Gauge 1 Titfield Thunderbolt kit
2.5in. 4 6 2 Bassett Lowke Live Steam Eng.
Steam Workshop Contents
Steam Workshop Contents
Steam Locomotive
Lms 1538 Tank
7 1/4in. Chassis
For Sale
5in. Maid Of Kent
5in.gauge Speedy
Titfield Thunderbolt Boiler 3,1/2inch,
7 1/4in. Chassis
Myford Super 7 Lathe
3.5in. Gauge Mona 0-6-2 Tank Engine
11/2in. Alchin Traction Engine
Helian Lassie
2in. Traction Engine
040 Chubb Tank
040 Shunter
5in.gauge Aristocraft Br Coaches
3in. Burrel With Trailer
Worthington Simpson Steam Pump
Superb Edwardian Live Steam Launch
4in. Foster Traction Engine
5in. Britannia Kit
5in. King Arthur
3 1/2in Guage
7.25 Diesel/hydraulic Loco
Gwr 5in. Gauge 0-4-2
Foden 3in.scale Wagon
5in. Loco SOLD
5in. Gauge Gwr Manor
Stuart Turner Twin Victoria
York-bolton Steam Plant
Britannia 31/2in.
Pair Of Gwr Steam Whistles
3.5 Gauge 15f Steam Loco
Fowler 4inch BB1
5in. 0-6-0 Gwr Tank Engine
Class 52
Stuart Major Beam
Hielan Lassie
5in. Inch 2-8-0 L.n.e.r. Tender Loco
Case Traction Engine Kit
Traction Engine
Fowler 4inch Bb1
5in.gauge Aristocraft Br Coaches
5 in. Gauge Track Steel ,bull head
3in. Foden Conpound Wagon
Traction Engine
Traction Engine 3in. And 4in.
1in. Atkinson Steam Lorry
Stuart Beam Engine
American Sb 3 Chime Whistle
7.25in. G Truck
Fowler Showmans
5 Inch Gauge 0-6-0 Southern Tank Loco
Stuart Turner No 9 Steam Engine
Driving/passenger Truck
3/4 in. Scale Allchin & Living Van
5in. Gauge Lner B1
Gauge 3 (2 1/2in.) Loco For Restoration
A1/2 Thompson 3 /1 2 Inch Gauge Loco
7 1/4in. Gauge Br Std Class 2 - Dwgs/parts
5in. Britannia Kit
2in. Minnie Traction Engine

7.25 Inch Gauge 0.4.0 Tank Loco
Oil Lamps
Traction Engine
4 1/2in. Scale Foden
5in. Britannia
Brand New Stuart in.scorein. Horizontal Twi
Ideal For Steam Boat fully reversible
A3 Flying Scotsman
3 1/2in Guage Black Five Loco
7 1/4in. Gauge Ng Open Wagon
5inch G Gwr City
Modelworks 14xx Locomotive Kit
Virginia 3 1/2 Gauge
Hot Air Engined Fan
Steam Engine
Exhibition Standard
Markie Steam Ploughing Outfit
Markie Spirit Fired Live Steam Roller
Part-built 3in. Foden C-type (or Parts Of)
71/4 Inch Mini Lucky 7 By Don Young
Grasshopper Beam Engine
Stuart Model Steam Plant
Superb Stuart No9 Stationary Engine
Traction Engine Parts
3.½ Inch Gauge 0-6-0 Bassett -lowke Tank
Stuart Turner D10 +boiler
Steam Launch
York-bolton Engine & Steam Plant
Stuart Turner Double Ten Steam Engine
Caradoc Steam Tractor
Y4 Dock Shunter
71/4 Hunslet (elidier)
5in. Merchant Navy Locomotive
Sight Glass - Pair 12 Inch
Sweet Pea Chassis
Part Built 4 1/2in. Burrell Te
Stationary Steam Engines Full Size
4 1/2in. Part Built Burrell Te in.billin.
Lnwr 5 Inch Guage Precursor Locomotive
2in. Scale Traction Engine
3in. Burrell in.scenicin. Showmans
5in. Gauge Wagons
3 Inch Scale Steam Lorry
Stuart Single Cylinder Engine
Stuart Turner Steam Plant
Steam Roller
5in. Eletric Loco
5in. Gauge B1 Expansion Link Kits
4in. Foster Traction Engine
5in. Gauge Simplex Expansion Link Kits
Steam Whistle
,5 Inch Gauge Tank Engine Butch Loco
Castings Etc. For Loco in.eaglein.
Polly 060 Loco
5in. Torquay Manor
Minnie Traction Engine 1in. Scale ,etc Etc
Aster Gauge 1 Flying Scotsman
B 1 Tender Parts
Gwr 5in. Hall
Three Antiquarian Steam Books
Three Antiquarian Steam Books
Stuart - Double 10
1in. Scale Model Traction Engine
50hp Triple Expansion Launch Engine
Us Style 5in. 4-6-0. Unused Condition
3 1/2 Inch Bantam Cock
5in. 0.6.0 in.simplexin. Locomotive.
5in. Gauge Driving Truck Ground Level
Traction Engine
2in. Traction Engine Scratch Built
5 Inch Maxitrack Diesel Electric Loco

5in. Gauge Live Steam Rocket
Shortts Duplex High Speed Engine
Model Boilers And Boilermaking Book
Large Steam Safety Valve
Part 2in.clayton Steam Wagon
Solid Brass/bronze Fire Engine Reel
5in. Narrow Gauge Hunslet Well Tank Loco
3in.suffolk Dredging Tractor
31/2in. Gauge Juliet
Stuart Turner 10v Steam Plant
3 1/2 Virginia
Stuart Turner Model Dynamo
Maxitrak Ruby
3 Vols. Of Engineering Workshop Practice
5in. Narrow Gauge Wagon Chassis
3.5in. Juliet Ii
Anthony Mount Steeple Engine Live Steam
Fullsize Massive Water & Pressure Guages
Mid Victorian Live Steam Engine Dated
Stevens Model Dockyard Crane
M.e. Beam Engine Castings
Waller Builders Model
Victorian Live Steam Engine Full Size
Showmans Waggon
Clyde Dockyard Model
5in.gauge Br Std 4-6-2 Britannia Loco
I Seek A Steam Engine
3.5 Gauge Bantam Cock Parts / Castings
1in. Minnie Partbuild
Ransomes,sims&jefferies Traction Engine
2 In Scale Plough Suit Traction Engine
5in. Scale Signal
Victorian Open Pole Dynamo By Eec
4 Way Oiler As Listed On Ebay
3/4 In. Scale Bassett Lowke Traction Eng
E4 Controlled Flame Boiler
E4 Controlled Flame Boiler & Engine Etc.
Good Vintage Live Steam Vertical Engine
Vintage Vertical Engine
Speed Dial Indicator
14xx Boiler
Steam Boiler And 2 Engines
Maxitrak Ruby
3.1/2in. Exhibition Loco By Clarksons
Clarkson Vertical Steam Plant
Stuart Victoria Steam Plant
Stuart Steam Electric Plant
Good Size Live Steam Plant
Early Flame Gulper As On Ebay
Immaculate Steam Engine
Stuart Turner S50 Live Steam Engine
Live Steam Boiler For Model Engine
Clayton Steam Wagon 2in. Scale
Bassett Lowke 2 1/2in.g. Chassis - Tender
3 1/2in.g.Bassett Lowke Live Steam Engine
Superb 1950
2in. Scale Durham Traction Engine
Early Horizontal Live Steam Engine
8 Inch Live Steam Whistle
Live Steam Compound Marine Engine
3in. Drawings For Fosters Traction Engine
Vict. Steam Engine -Listed on Ebay
Quaint Vict. Beam Engine Listed On Ebay
c. 1935 Stuart Turner No 12 V Dynamo
Vict.Open Pole Dynamo By EEC
Superb Stuart Turner on Ebay
Bassett Lowke 3 1/2in. G. Chassis
2 1/2in. G. Bassett Lowke Chassis Tender
5in. Gauge Gwr 43xx Mogul
Vetical Coal Fired Boiler
Upright Steam Boiler
Cutaway Steam Engines
Good Quality Copper Boiler
Live Steam in.vulcanin. Beam Engine-bronze
German Tinplate Model Railway Lamp
Superb Bassett Lowke Live Steam Engine
Additional Picture For Ad Above
7 1/4in. Vertical Boilered Engine
C.1910 bassett Lowke Live Steam cruiser
Very Pretty Universal Stationery Engine
Late Victorian/ Edwardian Steam Engine
Superb Horizontal Live Steam Engine
Traction Engine Lamps
Outdoor 5 In. Guage Railtrack
Vintage Steam Pressure Guage
Neat Little Model Dockyard Engine
Early All Brass Willesco Old Smokey
Stuart Turner S50 Horizontal Engine
Small Live Steam Model
Vertical Victorian Engine
Connecting Rod
12 Volt Dynamo
Live Steam Model Accessory
Victorian Open Pole Dynamo
3.1/2in. Lms 260 Gauge Princess Marina
Model Lathe Steam Accessory
Hot Tube Engine
Victorian Flame Gulper
8 In. Live Steam Brass Whistle